Thursday, September 1, 2016

HOURGLASS Ambient Luminous Light Palette (Limited Edition Love/Hate Vol.1)

I have started to dread “Sales”! Every time there is a “Good” sale going on somewhere, my wallet takes a significant hit. And whom am I kidding, every sale turns out to be a “good sale” Ha ha!

One of those “good sales” was the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I picked up a few things along with this Ambient Luminous Light Palette from Hourglass Cosmetics.  This was a Nordstrom Exclusive Palette and I understand that this might not be available anymore! I wanted to post this anyway because there is no harm in sharing information about makeup :-) In fact, I am thinking of making it a regular habit to review limited edition products; I do have a demanding full-time job so a lot of time I cannot manage to review the products within the relevant time frame but I still use and like the products. Also, for products like these, there is a possibility that the brand will come out with similar versions sooner or later! I sincerely believe these hand and cheek swatches definitely have the potential to be helpful to at least some of you out there. Do let me know how you feel about that.

If you are an ardent beauty lover, I know you wither have used or are aware of these Ambient Light powders. They are one of the most finely milled, barely-there types of powders. When applied, they don’t show much of a significant effect in your overall look but only you can’t help but adore the subtle healthy glow it gives to your skin. I have very dry and acne-prone skin and I generally shy away from powders. Finally last Sephora VIB Sale I got “Dim Light” Ambient Light Powder and I absolutely love it. This is one of the very few powders that I have tried and found to be quite forgiving on my dry skin.

When I saw this palette with a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer, I knew I had to have it. I remember that the 6-pan palette that Hourglass came out for last holiday season did not have enough products to justify the price. This one however costs the same as their permanent Ambient Lighting Palette. If you ask me, this palette is definitely worth the price. 

They are extremely refined powder and have just the right sheen to it. These are pricey, but hey they come in gorgeous packaging. It just feels so luxurious!! The only thing that I can complain about is that it catches fingerprint and with time it may look a little grubby! But these are quality products and lasts for a good amount on my skin. I typically don’t wear foundation on a daily basis but these go very well over my just moisturized skin or over primer and last almost the entire day. They also work great over foundation. I love how these powders just blend into my dry skin and become one; it does not emphasize my dry patches and does not add that powder-y-layered-look to my application! I love it.

So the price for this palette was $62 and it has a total of 0.31 oz. of products. As I already said, I like the price point and it is super convenient to have highlighter, blush and bronzer. I have been wearing this a lot these last two months and I cannot help but admire the convenience. 

On the Nordstrom Website the shades are described as below:

- Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light (0.11 oz.) = a champagne pearl that creates a soft, candlelit glow
- Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush (0.11 oz.) = a champagne rose blush fused with Luminous Light to evoke a candlelit glimmer
- Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light (0.09 oz.) = a medium tan shade fused with Luminous Light for a softer, candlelit warmth

Luminous Light (Highlighter): I think this is my most favorite among the three. It’s not as subtle as their other ambient powder; it has more punch to it and it surely shows up more prominently than their regular powders. I love both formulas. It also lasts throughout the day. It does look shiny and more wet-looking towards the very end of the day but I kind of love it. It makes me look effortlessly radiant as if the hustle-bustle of the entire day has brought in a lot of life to my face and I am looking tired but healthy. (That was a lot of description but that’s how I feel :-)) Anyway, I was also surprised to see that it was still hanging in there even after I reapplied my sunscreen.

Luminous Flush (Blush): Such a beautiful, happy shade! It is a universally-flattering, refined rosey pink shade. It is not as deep as I would have preferred; so it does not show up on me in just one layer. I have to go in with 2-3 additional layers but I love the uplifting effect it immediately offers to my face. It has a lot of sheen but does not emphasize big scary acnes or any scars left behind!

Luminous Bronze Light (Bronzer): I wished this shade was a bit deeper. It is beautiful bronzer; I do like to have a tiny bit of sheen on my bronzer. I can see how beautiful this shade will look on fair to light-medium skin-ones. I have to put on 2-3 layers to get the warmth to be noticeable on my skin. I actually have been wearing it over my other matte bronzers to get that delicate sheen.

Indoor bright sunlight
Indoor, over-casted natural light
Overall, I have been really enjoying this palette. It makes it super convenient for me in the morning to take out just one palette for three different needs and that saves me at least one or two minutes. We all know how precious those minutes are when we are getting ready in the morning. I assume they designed this palette keeping the average light skin-tone in mind; nonetheless I can definitely make them work for me. If you have deeper skin-tones than me, these will be more highlighter or blush topper type of products. But one thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong with the formula.

I sincerely hope they bring out another one of these with some deeper colors. I will be first one to update you guys :-)


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