Sunday, November 26, 2017

Detailed Swatches & First Impression ::: Stila Cosmetics "Eye for Elegance Set"

So, how was your Thanksgiving, folks? I am very sad that the long weekend is over. I cooked a lot over this weekend; it was tiring but I am glad that I have a freeze full of left-overs now.

Today, I have a first impression review at the Eye for Elegance Set from Stila Cosmetics! I love doing detailed review for this sort of sets but I thought I would rather share this first impression while the set is still available and is still relevant.

Price & Availability: This set is available on Sephora and Stila Cosmetics website. It includes three Glitter & Glow shades from their existing Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow line and three new Shimmer & Glow shades from Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow line that are antiipated to launch during Spring next year; all in deluxe size. It will cost you $45. Each shade includes 0.07 oz. of products, I love the size and the price, because honestly this is more than enough product I can ever attempt to use up!

Packaging: The tube shape mimics their full-size counterparts but I believe the full-size are of glass where as these are of plastic. It feels like the golden impression on the packaging rubs off quite quickly. If you watch the picture for Twig and Next to Notte tubes, the lettering are already fading up! The applicator, however is very practical. It makes ithe application easier and fuss-free.

Shades: The swatches on the hand are two swipes over bare skin. The swatches on the eyes are over Mac Paint Pot in Layin' Low and just a bit of matte crease shades. I apologize for my extremely bushy brows, and very haphazard-unblended application. On the bright side, you can see how the shades look in real-life!

Kitten (Shimmer & Glow): Kitten is an iconic shade from Stila. Why wouldn't it be? It is such gorgeous very nude pink shade. It is also very universally flattering. It is little brighter for my taste but I think I can pull it off. 
Peachy Keen (Glitter & Glow): As the name suggests, this shade has much more peach in it than Kitten. It is of course, glittering and I love that! As you can see from the swatches, this shade seems to be a bit less dense than the other two Glitter & Glow shades.

Grace (Shimmer & Glow): I think Grace & Smoldering Satin are my most favorite shades from this bunch. They flatter my skin-tone the most :-) Grace appears to be the Shimmer & Glow version of Peachy Keen to me. I love it!
Smoldering Satin (Glitter & Glow): This shade has a lot of  taupe glitter particles on a very shiny similar shade base. The result is a very nice, glittery opaque shade. I love it; may be it is my most favorite shade. The applicator works great and it is very easy to get an even layer. 

Twig (Shimmer & Glow): This is a rich brown shade and it reminds me of Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Bronze. That is a liner that I typically used as one-shade shadow on my lid. My pot has kind of dried up now so I think Twig will be a very good alternative. 
Next to Notte (Glitter & Glow): This is a red/maroon shade with pink/magenta glitter particles. Even though the swatch on the hand looks perfectly opaque, the application on the eyes can prove to be a bit patchy. I had to put two layers and then also I thought it was not perfect. I love the shade though!

Quality & Formula: I have not had the chance to thoroughly use and experience these shades. On a general level, I love the Glitter & Glow shades; they are very easy to apply and lasts all day long. You get about 45 seconds with these shades before they set. There are some fall outs though which is not uncommon. But I would have liked to avoid that. The Shimmer & Glow shades are nice if you don't want the glittery look but still want to have that va-va-voom effect :-) You get about 30 seconds with these Shimmer & Glow shades before they set. The staying power is good if I apply it in even layer on my whole lid. The other day, but I applied it as a blended eye liner but it smudged and almost vanished after 3-4 hrs.

I got this set with my VIB Sale 20% off code. With that price and 6 different shades to try, I think this was a good buy. I have been very interested in the Glitter & Glow shades from the beginning. Everybody loves those at $24 each, it seemed way too expensive, so this set made sense to me. I love the color selection here but I would have appreciated a bit more variety. 

What is your favorite Glitter & Glow shade from Stila?


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 12

I have accumulated quite a lot of products that I have used up! After all, it has been 6 months since my last Empties post. So, here goes:

IT'S A 10 Miracle leave-in Plus Keratin: I absolutely love this leave-in conditioner! It’s been much more than a year since my last hair-straightening treatment and hence my original hereditary crazy waves are coming back! May be because of that its effect has not been as mind-blowing as before. But it still does a great job in managing my uncontrollable wavy hair and makes them look smooth & presentable. I will continue to use it.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Oil Miracle Shampoo: I bought this as a set with the Miracle Oil. I am not very sure if I will repurchase this, but I did enjoy using it.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair Therapy (Repair Rescue) Shampoo: It was suggested to me by my hairstylist after my hair smoothening treatment. I have been using this past 3-4 years. Both the shampoo and conditioner are very good to use. I feared that my hair will go back to its fizzy natural wavy self, but I am glad that the treated hair is still smooth & healthy enough and more importantly 'Straight' :-)

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Q10 Plus Time Restore Conditioner: I like the “Repair Rescue” ones from Schwarzkopf. This one was ok, I will not buy this one again.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original: I love this very much. It is one of those that gives you white cast when you apply it but it is easy to get rid of it by just jazz-ing the roots of my hair. It definitely prolongs the time between I wash my hair. These days, I have been using it on my 2nd or 3rd -day hair before I go to bed, and I can survive one more day without washing my hair :-). Definite repurchase.

Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen Water Resistant: Jack black is a favorite brand on mine. I have gifted many set from them to my father and a few of my friends. I always wanted to try some product from them for myself. I was running out of sunscreen and saw that this offers a good amount of SPF and comes at a very reasonable price. I have to say I am not disappointed. It absorbs very quickly, sits well under makeup and offers me good protection. I will definitely repurchase.

Soap & Glory Hand Food: This is a decent hand cream. It is very moisturizing, takes a little bit of time to absorb. I got a few of these in a set last holiday and I think this was my last one. Will not repurchase.

O.P.I Avojuice Vanilla Lavender Hand & Body Lotion: I bought a hand-lotion set from O.P.I. I did not enjoy all od the scents, but this one was really nice. It absorbs really soon and the scent is just lovely :-)

Caudalie Lip Conditioner: I considered this my most favorite lip balm. Its silky, very hydrating. But this is the third tube that I have had problem with. It started smelling a bit off towards the last leg of the bullet. I like it but for this price I should be able to use it up before it gets bad (I typically finish lipbalms within 2-3 months). I don’t think I am going to repurchase.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: I reviewed a few PTR masks including here. I use this mask whenever I think my skin needs a good cleanup and some strong exfoliation. I do feel a very mild burning sensation for the first few seconds after application; but it’s not that bad. This mask makes my skin immediately feel so so refreshing; I really ENJOY it! And I have already repurchased. :-)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Double Detox Facial: Throwing it away! It probably have expired.

Serious Skincare Glycolic Gommage Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial: I actually don't remember when and where I bought this. Hence, I just wanted to use this up and never really gave serious trial. I mostly use it on my neck. Honestly, I do not have any comment I am just glad that it is all used up.

Sephora Collection Algae Face Mask: I bought a set of Face Masks during this VIB Sale. I am not that big of a fan of face sheet masks, but every once in a while I get so lazy to put on an actual mask. I want the comfort and convenience of a sheet mask. This stayed on nicely and I felt good afterwards. I saw a bit of brightness :-) I will not buy this at 6$ a piece but I will repurchase if I find a good deal.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel: I enjoyed using this shower gel. It was a good product to use but I am not sure if I will repurchase.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser: Overall, this is my very favorite cleanser by far. I love that you can really use this around your eyes without irritating them, if I were heavy eye makeup it is difficult to remove everything at one go. So, first I use a makeup remover to remove my mascara and then use Purity. I love the result. I always have one bottle as my backup.

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Body Butter: I absolutely enjoyed this body butter; it absorbs very quickly and provides me moisturization for a long time. I believe I used it during Spring and it was perfect for that time of year. The Moroccan Rose is an absolutely lovely scent and I will definitely repurchase.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter Lotion: This is my second bottle of this moisturizer that I have gone through. It is a good one but after the second bottle, I am kind of over it. I will much rather repurchase the body butter, not the lotion.

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion: Another moisturizer that I really enjoyed. It is aimed for dry skin and I really think it worked. It is suddenly all cold & winter-y here and this provided me hydration for the entire day, the subtle smell was also very enjoyable. It is a small tube, so it lasted me only 2-3 weeks! I would have repurchased but it is way too expensive.

RE-NU Contact Lens Solution: For a contact lens wearer like me, this is a must-have. I buy it in bulk from Costco :-)

Equate Beauty Nail Polish Remover: Very basic and must-have product right? This is affordable (around 3$), easily available in most of the drugstores and gets the work done. I, of course, need a little more work to remove glitter polishes with this remover. But if you use the "aluminium foil" trick, it works wonders. I am definitely repurchasing it.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: This is such a loved moitsurizer in the beauty community. It is very moisturizing and yet not very heavy. May be that is why people love it. A very little amount is required so this tiny bottle lasted me quite some time. Will I repurchase? I am not quite sure!

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer: I buy so many skincare kits that I end up collecting a whole bag of tiny little jars and tubes of moisturizer. Starting this summer, I am on a mission to use them up. I almost half way though the bag :-) These were two from Ahava and I liked them while they lasted. I am not going to repurchase but this was an ok moisturizer.

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb: This is also same as the Water Drop moisturizer in consistency. But it is much more hydrating and I did really enjoy it. I want to try their Moisturizing Bomb next, it seems to be more intensely hydrating. I am not quite sure if I want to repurchase the Aqua Bomb right now. The jars are so adorable and the smell is faint yet very interesting. I really like it.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer: I wanted to try it for such a long time. But I am not that impressed. It will be perfect for hot, humid weeks of summer. I have overly dry skin, so even during hot summer I felt it was not enough! Will not repurchase.

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil: I love Boscia products; every one that I have tried has been impressive. My mom actually used up this bottle and she liked it. I am using the second one seen in pictures and I almost have 3-4  days of use. I enjoy how light this oil is and how quickly it absorbs into skin. I can see myself repurchasing this once I finish up all the face oil I have been hoarding.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil: So much hype around this product. I never gave in to the hype. But I did hoard 2-3 samples. I am not a big fan. However, I intend to use up the other two before making up my mind.

Clinique Acne Solutions Acne+Line Correcting Serum: It is amall bottle and I used it up a while ago. So, I dont exactly remember how I liked this. But I vaguely remember that I did enjoy.

Lancome Energie De Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care: This tiny, tiny little tube lasted me hardly for 3-4 days. I dont really remember if I liked it or not; just glad that I finished it up.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: I have a detailed review of this here. I did repurchase a full-size with a bonus card I got from Sephora and I am eager to see if I will still like it after I use up the bigger size.

Nude Progenius Rescue Oil: Another item that my mom used up while she was here. She told me she liked it :-)

Bvlgari Omnia Coral Eau de Toilette: Is it not such a cute bottle? I got this with three other scents and I want to display the set once I am finished with all of them. This is a nice scent but a little bit strong for me. I will not repurchase.

Kate Spade Live Colorfully Sample: It is one of my very very favorite scent and I have a full-size bottle that I am almost halfway through. It is flower-y scent, it is potent and subtle at the same time and it lasts the whole day. I hve got a lot of compliments when I wear this. I will definitely repurchase at some time.

Gucci Guilty Sample: Way too strong for me. I keep it in my purse for emergency; that's it.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue: It is a very potent zesty smell. I love it but I cant wear it consecutively., otherwise it gives me headache. :-) I have a roller ball too!

Benefit The Porefessional: There is so many tiny samples of this product that I will never need to buy this in full-size. I use it on my problem areas like my acne-ridden cheeks and it does a very good job in smoothening it out for foundation application.

Buxom Buxom Lash Mascara: It has plastic bristles and they are not my favorite. While I loved the humble look on my lashes, but it dried up too quickly. Will not repurchase.

Loreal Carbon Black Volumnous Mascara: This is my favorite waterproof mascara; I love how budgeproof this is. It helped me survive almost 24 hrs of hot humid weather during my sisters wedding. But I hate that it dries up within a few weeks. I dont buy this unless I really, really need an waterproof mascara.

Hum Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder: From time to time, I get samples of this with my Sephora Order. It is not fun to drink and honestly, I dont know if does anything :-) May be I need to be consistent while trying it?

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: I love these wipes! They are gentle on the face and does a good job at removing a layer of heavy makeup. Although, I am trying to cut down the usage of wipes, I would still repurchase this, at some point in future.

Peter Thomas Roth Moisture Infusion Facial Bar: I don't use face bars on my face but I used it up during showers. It was ok.

This is probably the last Empties Post I will document this year. Oh, I also finished up some samples -



Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review & Swatches ::: NAILS INC. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

In last 5 months I have managed to blog twice or may be thrice! Life sometimes takes over :-), I am not trying to complain nor I am here to give excuses. I am 100% sure that there are plenty of people that have busier life than me and they manage it with finesse!

Anyway, today I managed to find some time to talk about Unicorn Nail Polish Duo from Nails Inc. :-) I bought this set back in May and it is still available on Sephora Website. You get two full-size  polishes for a price of one! With the VIB sale coming up, it is going to be even a sweeter deal! Also, look at my Unicorn earrings that my mom brought for me :-)

Price & Availability: Currently available on and Nails Inc Website (out of stock). The set contains 2 nail polishes in "Unicorn in Dream Dust" and "Rainbow Wishes" each with 0.49 oz./14 ml of product at a price of $15.

Packaging: Currently The polishes are housed in typical Nail Inc bottles. The colors are so pretty that  the bottles look very pretty, irrespective of the shape. I like the brush too! It works just fine!

Rainbow Wishes: This shade is defined as "soft rainbow sheen". It is a gorgeous soft purple shade with multi color sheen. It looks brilliant under different lights. And because it is such a soft adorable color, I find it pretty easy to wear to work! I have gotten many compliments while wearing this :-)  This may be my most favorite out of the two! It is quite opaque, I always use a base coat and then apply two coats :-)

Unicorn in Dream Dust: The finish for this shade is described as 3D high sparkle and yes, it is much more sparkly and 3-dimensional than Rainbow Wishes! It is a beautiful, beautiful peachy, soft orange-y shade. It looks different in different colors; I love the shift in this shade! This is perfect in one coat, but two coats makes it more strong and vibrant. I love this shade and have been wearing it often. But it is a little more sparkly to wear to work!

Quality & Formula: I like the consistency and opaqueness of both the shades. I saw that a lot of people complaining how these chip! I always use a base coat and then apply two coats. For both the shades, chipping has not been a problem for me. It does chip here and there and I am not too concerned about it. However, vibrancy kind of wears down after 6-7 days, for both the shades! Often, I apply a fresh coat :-)

I am really happy with this set. I highly, highly recommend it; especially during the ongoing VIB Sale on Sephora! The products are fantastic and the price is even more fantastic. I don't really like the marketing gimmicks following "Unicorn" hypes! But, products are oh-so-fantastic :-) 


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eye Palette in "750 Edgitorial" ::: Review & Swatches!!

My last blog-post was on NARS Liquid Blush that was published back in June - it has been two months since! I know it is a terribly long gap but I don't want to apologize! Mainly because it will not be an earnest one!

So, why I was MIA? My parents were here for last three months and this has been one of the most eventful summer in a long while! I had few amazing trips and had many get together with friends and family that I have not met in a while. I have been living alone for a LONG time now and I almost forgot how it was to live with people :-) It was nice being a host, at one point I had about 10 people sleep in my tiny humble abode. The best of all was to come home to my parents after a long day at work and of course Maa Ke Hathon Ka Khana :-)

They have returned now and it has definitely taken me a bit to go back to my regular life. I love makeup and I really enjoy learning the art! But it is taking me a bit to go back to regular blogging; work also has been CRAZY! Okay, enough excuses! I actually meant to talk about this palette today. First of all, I got this complimentary from Influenster! I have never gotten this lucky to get a beautiful, new eyeshadow palette from a prestigious brand via Influenster (@influenster) :-) Marc Jacobs (@marcbeauty) recently launched these 6 new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eye Palettes.


Price & Availibility: This palette will cost you $49! These are available on as well as on Marc Jacobs Website . There are 7 eyeshadows with 0.03 oz. (0.85g) of product each shade. Continue to the end of the post to check what I think about the price.

Packaging: I mean, Marc Jacobs always gets the packaging 100% right! This is in their typical black packaging. It is compact, sturdy which makes it easy to store and to travel with! The mirror can also be used when you are in a pinch! I have nothing bad to say about the packaging.

Shades: As mentioned previously, there are seven shades in different finishes. If I would to buy this palette myself this particular shades in my palette would not be my first choice! I don't typically gravitate towards all the shades in this palette. Here are the shades -

Take a memo (Matte): Pale Beige shade with a subtle hint of light pink. Very soft and oh-so-easy to blend. I can use to blend my crease shades but I would assume if you have skintones lighter than me this is going to a very useful shade.
Next Season (Satin-y metallic): Another gorgeous shade that I think will be more suitable on lighter skintones. But I have use it on the inner corner. You need just a little to get that pop of brightness! I really enjoy this shade.
We'll see (Matte): This is matte brown shade that is a tad richer that what I like to call my perfect crease shade. But I still love to use it. Inclusion of this shade makes this palette truly travel friendly. you can use it as crease shade or on the outer corner to add more depth. Definitely one of my most-used shade out of this palette.
Pleather Python (Sparkle): The finish of this eyeshadow is quite metallic and I love it. It is deep burnt gold shade and it really suits my skintone. Also, it really looks awesome with Indian color-rich clothes. Every time I do a look with this palette, I cannot stop myself using this shade.
Making a Scene (Satin): Beautiful everyday Taupe shade! Very soft and extremely pigmented! Very pigmented!
Enviously (Matte): This has to be my least favorite. I am not at all drawn to this type of shade, but I can use it in multiple ways. On the crease, outer v or on the lower lash-line. It is soft and blendable but for some reason, I felt "We will See" and "Take a memo" had a better consistency and quality than this shade.
Everywhere (Satin-y metallic): This is another shade that is not something I will get a lot of use out if it. It is a deep blackened olive with gold tiny sparkles. It is very pigmented and easy to work with! 

Quality & Formula: As I already mentioned with each shade, almost all of them are opaque, very pigmented and oh-so-easy to work with. The shades here are of the same genre so if you use 2-3 shades on the lid, they seem to lose their individuality. What I am trying to say here is that the blendability of these shades works great for everyday easy, go-to looks but if you want to indulge in some creative looks where you want each shades to shine on its own, there are better shadows are there!

Weartime: This is another thing that have a bit of scope for improvement. I always use my Mac Paint Pot; by the end of the day I felt that my eyeshadows kind of fades! But, it did not turn messy or anything, but I would have liked it to be more visible & strong!

I love the shimmers and metallic shades in this palette, but I have used better matte eyeshadows. For the packaging and the product, I think I will be willing to pay $49 but I will always be sure to score the freebies if I am to buy from Sephora :-)

Have any of you received this palette? If yes, which one and do you like it? 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet & Greet with Mr NARS and an awesome new liquid blush :-)

I recently had an opportunity to attend a book signing event by the renowned makeup artist and photographer Francois Nars. He is the Founder & Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics and I am sure we all either know about the brand and/or have used one or few products from them. He recently launched his self-titled book celebrating his work over the decades. I still have not have the chance to read the book though!

Francois Nars founded NARS Cosmetics in 1994. I am very well aware of the brand (thanks to YouTube and Instagram) but apart from his name, I know very little about Mr. Nars. I still decided to purchase the book and participate in the event - it was a personal project. One of my gentle resolution for this year is to do things that I have not done before; things that may be outside my comfort zone. I am not an easy-going, overly extrovert person and the idea of going to an event to meet a celebrity definitely falls in my uncomfortable zone!

I was a little apprehensive about the whole event but I had such a nice experience! Please keep in mind that I am not very much educated about his work and I have tried just a handful of NARS Product, so I was definitely not fangirling! But from the moment he arrived at the event he was smiling, and taking his time to start small talk! He was complimenting all his fans with genuine intention. I have a lower voice, so I immediately got concerned thinking that he would not be able to hear me :-) but he instantly made me feel comfortable! My entire conversion with him lasted only 2 or 3 minutes but he managed to compliment me and ask me if I want a photograph. He was not even rushing through the process. I think humility is what makes a successful person so loveable and admirable!

I am glad I forced myself to act outside my comfort zone.  As a beauty blogger by hobby and as a avid make up lover, I think my first “meet and greet” went on perfectly fine, thanks to Mr. Nars!

Of course, that `feel-good` feeling from the event later that night encouraged me to check out some of the new stuff from the brand! I wanted to get their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in famous “Mysterious Red” as well but there was a glitch in the system and I could not add it to my cart. I only managed to order their new Liquid Blush in “Dolce Vita”.

I know that you are not interested in my personal jibber jabber! But I have noticed that as I age more, I have harder time taking decision; particularly while taking decisions about very unimportant stuffs! For example – I had the hardest time determining which shade to pick – Dolce vita or Torrid? Is Torrid too light or is Dolce Vita too dark? Do I already have shades like these? Which one to pick? Should I pick both? NOT REALLY, coz I don’t have money for both! Ugh!

After much deliberation, I finally settled on Dolce Vita. There are four different shades that they are launching for summer 2017 – Orgasm, Torrid, Luster and Dolce Vita. All these shades are available in their cult favorite powder blush formula. Check these shades here (photo by @youngwildandpolished. They also released their famous orgasm shade in lipstick formula. 

Price and Availability: This liquid blush will cost you $30 for 0.5 oz. of product. You can find these on Sephora online and in stores, Nars boutiques, Nordstrom, Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. It has already launched in some of these stores but it will launch very soon in all of them and online.

PackagingNars always does a great job in terms of packaging. I know that the black packaging attracts a lot of stain and dirt, but I love the look of their products. And it is a cost I am willing to pay. This blush come in a beautiful glass jar that has a pump. The pump is actually very easy to control. I find that a full pump is somewhat more than what I need to apply on both my cheeks. If I am careful and use only a ¾ of a pump, it is the perfect amount! It is a gorgeous bottle and is not very bulky. I do have a concern about the packaging; sometimes when I try to pull off the lid, somehow it unscrews the pump inside and there is a significant concern about getting the liquid product getting spilled. It did happen to me once and I spilled about 3-4 drops But I am now more careful while opening it.

Shade: Dolce Vita is a beautiful dusty rose shade. It is described as a matte with natural finish. I do however see a tiny little bit of sheen in it. It definitely a flattering shade on me, it also works on my mom. She is 2-3 shades darker than me but it shows up beautifully on her as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have its powder counterpart so I am not able to show you comparison. I will like to refer you to MLBB blog; she has a detailed post on this.

Quality & Formula: In general, I do enjoy cream formula especially during the weekdays; cream products are quick and versatile for me. This blush has great pigmentation but it is quite buildable. I squirt 3/4th of pump on my palm and apply a few drops with my finger tips and blend it. Often, when I use a cream/liquid blush I don’t feel the need to use a brush to blend the product. But with this one, I feel that I get a better and more seamless application when I further blend this blush with a brush! When I was watching Young Wild and Polished videos on these, she was highly suggesting that they work over powder unlike other cream/liquid blush formulas! I did try it over powder and yes, it does not lift the powder underneath. For some of you who uses powder bases, this might be a great advantage. Overall, I am really happy with the pigmentation, blend-ability and the ease of application!    
By the way, the formula reminds me of the Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush formula from Stila (I have reviewed "Water Lily" here). Nars one is a bit light-weight on the cheeks while Stila blush gets a bit greasy by the end of the day.

WeartimeLet’s talk about the staying power. In short, I am utterly impressed! I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it. I have worn it over bare, just moisturized skin. I have worn it over my beloved Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation, and over powder foundation. I often use Benefit Porefessional on my cheeks, but I do have to agree that the wear time is incredible. Typically, over bare skin, it kind of fades when I get home after 8-9 hrs. long work day. But over foundation, it lasts for the entire time till I wash off my face at the end of the day. 

Look at the picture above. I applied my makeup around 9 in the morning and went off to St. Louis with my parents for a quick getaway. It was a relatively warm day, and we were walking, driving the entire time. By the time we wrapped up our Getaway Arch visit and headed back to the parking lot, it was raining profusely. We had to walk in the rains for at least 15 mins. Then drove 2 hrs. back to our hotel in Springfield. I was amazed to see that the blush was still proudly hanging on my cheeks even after that heavy rain and daylong torture. In fact, I have worn it many times when going out for day long trips and it has performed really well every time.

Another important thing, you have to shake it well before using it. Otherwise, as you can see in the picture, the blush tends to condensate a bit. 

This was on a separate day, but my foundation got a bit darker :-( just wanted to sow you all my failure :-)
If you can’t already tell, I am really enjoying this product. It is an easy and work-horse type of a formula. I just need to practice a little bit of patience when opening the cap and use the pump. This will definitely be in my June Favorites :-)


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Monthly Favorites ::: May 2017

I have some exciting and relatively new products for this month`s favorite. This is rare for me; typically, I always end up using or loving older products from my collection with just one or two new staff. I am well aware that this is almost mid-June but my parents are here with me and I am trying to spend as much time as I can with them, obviously blogging has taken a backseat. No regret though!

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer in 001 and 003: First- it is luxury product and for me it was an indulgent purchase! But the best thing about this is that I love the formula! I absolutely adore the shades as well, I love how easy it is to layer and blend! Love the wet glossy look it gives me and I enjoy how long it stays on me. Overall a very well performing luxury product that makes me feel happy.

Marc Jacobs Omega Coconut Bronzer in TanTastic: Oh, another luxury purchase! I have shared here my exhaustive story on how I ended up buying this. You can also see detailed review and swatches! I have said before, I can make the shade work but it is not necessarily the best on my skin tone. I am really loving the formula; the smell is unnecessary but a nice-feel good detail! The powder is very soft, easy to pick up and apply. It blends beautifully. It is quite buildable which is a very good quality in a bronzer. And, I absolutely adore the white packaging.

Colourpop Pressed Shadows in Come and Get it & High Strung: I rarely use Colourpop Super Shock shadows, But I do really LOVE them. When they come out with pressed eyeshadows I did not pay attention! These past few weeks, they were running a promotion of 3 eyeshadows @ 10$ and I picked up three shades. I got High Strung, Come and Get It & Sandbar. 
I wanted to get colors that are satin or shimmer but is appropriate and fast for a no- fuss `wear to work` look. These two shades fit the bill perfectly and I actually find them to be interesting. I knew for sure that these will be good but I did not expect to fall in love with them. I have used both shades with or without primer and both times they perform beautifully. I can just use my fingertips to apply this on the lid and if I don’t have time I can skip using a crease shade. They still remain wearable. I actually have been wearing just `Come and Get It` on the lid alone with a lot of mascara. It is an intense duo chrome of peach and gold. I prefer this  just a little bit more than `High Strung`.

Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick: Lakme is a nostalgic brand for me. I keep buying products from them because it reminds me of my home ! I don't  necessarily see myself loving their product enough to put in a favorite.  But this month, I am really enjoying this this matte lipstick. It’s a great everyday lipstick shade on me.

Makeup Geek Cosmetics (MUG) Eyeshadows in Tuscan Sun and Crème Brule: MUG was unbelievably reigning the single-pan sector for last 3 or 4  years. But with the new Colourpop pressed shadows having very similar (or comparable) quality at slightly affordable prices coupled with free shipping above 35$ will surely create fierce competition for MUG. But that’s beside the point! Today I am just trying to share my love for this beautiful warm soft coral called Tuscan Sun.  It is so pigmented and blends like a dream without much effort. Its a versatile shade too! I wear it on the crease with shades like `Come & Get It` or `High Strung`, I can also pair it with cooler shades like navy blue or pewter to bring a little bit of warmth on my eyes. I have also worn it all over the lid and it looks very beautiful and happy. Crème Brulee appeared in last year`s favourite. I think this the most used MUG shadow for me. It is almost the same as my skin tone. So I love to use it on my crease, especially if I go  too heavy with my colorful crease shades. It acts like an eraser and can make the blending much smoother. I love this shade, & I can see hitting pan this year. Check detailed review here.

Tell me more about your favorites this month or rather last month :-)