Sunday, April 26, 2015

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two ::: Review and Swatches!!!

You may already know that I am a big advocate of value sets and when Sephora dropped the price from original cost of $55 to $22, I knew I had to get it. (Please keep in mind I started this post long back in Fall, '14). Its a total of 22 mini (0.16 fl oz each) Sephora FormulaX nails. So there are a lot of colors to play around and after using it for 8-9 months now, I can confidently say that my $22 was well spent. The color range and finish type are versatile and I like that they are mini size. I have never finished a full size nail polish, have you? :-) On average, the performance was good. Apart from a very few, they were pigmented and easy to apply. They lasted 3-4 days on an average without chipping. A few of them have better staying power though!!

Colors: 6 of the polishes are described as 'color' which I assume are the normal finish for nail polishes. I love each one of these. The pastels are perfect for Spring and I wear the bright colors irrespective of the season. I find this group to perform consistently. All of them are pigmented, easy to apply without any streaks and have good staying power.

Glitters: There are 4 glitters, apart from one, the rest are same design but with different base. I wish they would have included different shapes of speckles into different shades; that would have been fun. Nonetheless, I like them! Its hard for me not to incorporate at least one of these whenever I paint my nails.

Mettalic: Back in the days, when I was not much interested in makeup and hardly had one or two nail polishes in my vanity, these were the type of colors I always picked. Love each one of these!

Neons: I think this group disappointed me. Look at the colors; so vibrant, so fresh and full-of-life but they are not at all pigmented. The energy and the colors in the the bottle do not seem to transform well to the nails; not at all! With the green and the yellow I need coats and coats to make it look neon-y! The purple however does not show up they way I would have wanted even after many coats.

Bionic: It's a neon yellow and black different sizes of confetti on a clear base.
Meteroic: This one has really tiny colorful speckles with same kind of confetti in black and white.
Wham: Pure white with tiny strand and different sizes of confetti in white on a clear base.
Turbulent: Same as Meteroic, but nice sky blue in place of green. I think I love this one the most.
White Matter: Simple opaque white :-)
Dark Matter: Simple black and very clever and crisp nomenclature I must say.

Flashy: Bright true warm red. I can see an orange warm undertone to it. Its a very bold color.
Indelible: I love this shade of mid-tone purple. A very appropriate "Spring" shade. It goes on very smooth too!
Eureka: Very bright fuchsia color. I never liked pink girl-y colors before, but I am slowly becoming a fan. Equally nice for fingers and toes.
Omny: Very bright "true blue" color. Love it. Does not suit my tan hands that much but I still adore it.
Extraordinary: This is one of the nude shades. Very pastel-y kind of light grey shade. Love it. It will be perfect if your work in a very formal environment.
Unmistakable: Very pastel-y sea-foam green color. Goes on very very smooth.
Brazen: Baby pink color, goes on smooth and opaque. But it is too "barbie" for me, my hands ends up looking much more tan than it actually is.
Infatuated: This one and "Unmistakable" look a bit similar. But this one is true "baby blue" color. Very pastel-y and spring-y.
Thrilling: I love this color. Its not always easy to find a "true nude" nail polish for tan skin tone. I think this is the best I could find till now. Smooth as well.
Radioactive: Neon Lime Green. It's very thin in terms of consistency. I love the color during winter. But pigment-wise, I am very disappoint in it.
Haphazard: Very deep vibrant shade of purple. I had high hopes for this shade, but this is actually very sheer. I need at least 3-4 coats for the color to show up even and opaque. Most disappointing!!
Zap: Another non-performing in the bunch. It's neon yellow. I have heard that this color is very hard to manufacture. 
Vroom: This is my kind of color. :-) It's a taupe bronzy kind of color which makes my hand look very pretty. LOVE it.
Rocket Fuel: It looks like a duo chrome. I can see silver and pale emerald color. I have grown a fondness very this.
Racy: This might be my most favorite color. Its a light purple and metallic; right up my alley! :-) And it goes very smooth, among the metallic colors, this is the most hassle-free to use.
Need for Speed: Its a silver-y rosy gold color. But it looks a little more silver-y on my nails. Also very streaky when applied. It did not impressed me at all.

Like I said, the kit was released in early summer of last year. I know I am unforgivably late in reviewing it, but better late than never right? I am not sure if it is still available but if they release it again, and if you want to build up your nail inventory than this might be a good option. And if they offer sale price, than I would say go for it. :-) Plus, a lot of these colors are in their permanent line. Overall, FormulaX nail polishes are really nice :-)

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