Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Supporting because the issue is important and is close to my heart. Growing up in a controlled orthodox type of environment, discussion about anything that involves "sex" was and may still be "taboo"! But, it is high time that we, as a society accept that sexual violence is a "Human Issue" and we need to be aware about it.

I am especially concerned about the safety of our child; the younger generation. By the time, they become victims of sexual violence or abuse; they might not be able to able to realize what exactly is happening. We need to educate them. If you are a parent be alert, be aware of whom you children mingle with! If you are a big sister or brother, be vigilant! Sexual abuse at an early age may have very detrimental effect on young minds. It is especially difficult to be vocal about sexual violence in our society. But I truly believe it is now all the more important to stop treating this as a taboo...and stop victim-blaming!

Read more about it here http://redmylips.org/.
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