Friday, January 8, 2016

In loving memories of my first ever foundation :-) ::: Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact

Here and there in this blog, I have shared my very first memorable trip to the makeup counter back in India. Just before I came here to USA, I spoiled myself for the last time and bought a bunch of stuff before becoming a poor student again :-) Although, my interest in makeup developed much later after that but I will always very fondly remember that trip. 

Today I am talking about "Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact" that I bought during that trip! This was my first ever base product, and now that I have successfully "pan"ned it :-), I figured it deserves it's own separate post.

Lakme is an iconic brand in India. I remember this being the "luxury brand" back when we were growing up! I remember how my mother would treat herself with a Lakme Nail Polish every festive season :-) "9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact" is a cream to powder matte formula that comes in a beautiful rose-gold compact packaging. There is very good sponge applicator (I wash and reuse mine) as well; its a very handy packaging but a little bit bulky. After 2 years of rigorous usage it broke at the joint between the compact and the lid and I am so surprised to see that it did not fall into pieces. Please keep in mind, I have traveled extensively with this; 2 international travels, 4 or 5 relocation and countless domestic travels within USA! It has survived it all. The mirror is quite nice too. It is available on for 550 INR.

I use the shade "shell". When the Sales associates demonstrated this on me, it felt like my perfect shade! Back then, my skin was a bit less-dry in some places. So this formula was comfortable to wear. It does not give full coverage but I liked the sheer to medium coverage I could get with this. But since I came to US I have been living in cold places, my skin has slowly become significantly dry, I do not like to use it on my face anymore. But I love to use it on my neck. I love that because I don't have to use my beauty blender down my neck. This sponge makes applying the cream on my neck super fast and super easy. For last year or more, I am exclusively using this for that purpose and hence it took me this long to finish it up. Now that I have finished it, I am definitely missing it in my routine.

Would I buy it again? I don't see myself using it on my face but like I said, I absolutely enjoy how convenient it is to use on my neck to blend out the shade to match with the rest of the face. I may pick it up when I go home next. It will depend on how much I miss it before that :-)

In any case, this is a very first major makeup "empty pan" product and I am totally enjoying that feeling. What is the last makeup product that you finished?

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