Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quick Look on my Lucky Bag 2016 from Beautylish!!!!

I reviewed a lot of new products, palettes and kits this past holiday season (you can check them here) and to be honest, it was almost tiresome :-) So, I took a little break and last couple of blog posts I have been talking about some old products that I dearly love!

Today, I am back with a brand new product! Well, it is a collection of products actually! I am surely going to individually review the products in due course of time but today lets take a super quick look on the contents of my “Luck Bag 2016 from Beautylish.

First of all, what is Beautylish? It is a Beauty website where you can join the beauty lover community, post pictures of makeup-work, access informative articles, read product reviews and shop from a lot of niche brands! I have been an online member ever since my tech savvy best friend introduced me to their online App back in January, ’14. As found in Wikipedia Lucky Bag is “a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within”. Every year around Christmas, Beautylish brings out these lucky bags and they usually sell out very very quickly. This year’s is sold out long ago but you can sign up for 2017 here. Couple of things to know about these bags -
  • Lucky Bags are once-a-year bags exclusive to Beautylish; it’s not a regular subscription box.
  • They are typically mystery bags; meaning- you would not know beforehand what items you will be getting in your bag. That’s a risk to take! I have seen people getting unimpressive bags but  that’s the risk that comes with the whole process. Actually, to be honest, personally I thoroughly enjoyed the surprise factor.
  • Not all bags are alike, that essentially means all of them are not going to be of the same value. This year I have seen 5-6 different types of bag! Some people has got extra lucky and got around $250 worth of products.
  • They usually cost 75$ and they guarantee at least $150 worth of high end beauty products. I paid a total of 80$ that included a 5$ shipping charge. I do not actually understand the shipping charge as Beautylish generally offers free shipping on 35$ or more from their regular shop.
  • You cannot return the bag. But if your items arrive damaged or with any issue, it’s always a good idea to contact them. I have seen Beautylish team being very responsive to these issues.
I remember a everybody raving about these bags in 2014 but then in 2015, quite a lot of people were very disappointed with what they got for 2015. Now, Beautylish team is very serious about their “customer care” seriously and I was almost sure that they will put extra effort in curating this year’s bag. So I decided to take the plunge and invest in my very first Lucky Bag. Here is what I got-
  1. Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in #4 (Cost:$48, available here, also coming to Beautylish soon)
  2. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (Cost: $30, available here)
  3. rms beauty Living Luminizer (Cost: $38, available here)
  4. Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow in Myracle (Cost: $37, available here)
  5. Bioderma Sensibio H2O 100 ml (Cost: $6.95, available here)
  6. IT cosmetics Hello Lashes Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara (Cost: $24, available in Beautylish, Ulta)
  7. Wayne Goss Brush 05 (Cost: $20, Available here)

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in #4: This is definitely the star in my bag. When I opened the package and I saw “Coming Soon” peeking through the wrapping papers I almost squealed J This is where I totally absolutely enjoyed the surprise factor of the bag. These eyeshadows are quite expensive and I was not thinking about buying it at the regular price anytime soon. There are quite a few different 5-eyeshadow palettes but I love that I got #4. It contains warm, golden-coppery glitter and shimmer shades! I know that this is going to look flattering on me. They are very, very pigmented, I wore it today and so far I am happy. Check the detailed review here :-)

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector:  This is the product that I was most skeptical about. Don’t get me wrong; I love Becca products. But from the reviews of this product when it first came out, I felt this is not going to work on me. And my suspicion was not wrong. I don’t have horribly bad dark circles so I don’t really tend to look for this type of correctors. Anyway, this is way too pink. And being true to its name, it is very glow-y. I wore this today and I am not much enjoying the formula as well. It is kind-of settling on my fine lines and getting “frosty”, for lack of a better description. I really have to play around before passing on a final verdict. This is why I don’t support putting base face products like foundation and concealer in this type of set.

rms beauty Living Luminizer: This is another product that I am so super psyched about. I remember lusting after this product for years now. I always look at rms beauty and Ilia Beauty whenever I browse Beautylish shop. This is a gorgeous looking compact sturdy jar! I have been using a lot of heavy highlighters these past few months so this quite subtle and refreshing to me! It’s a pale pink-golden shade and it is a bit stiff. I feel like I have to bit of research on how to apply it but I am very hopeful that this is going to be great addition to my collection :-) Fingers crossed!

Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow in Myracle: I thought Becca blushes are the most madly pigmented blush but this is even more pigmented :-) Kevyn Auction was an iconic makeup artist of yester years and I am excited to finally test out a product from his brand. Myracle is a matte neutral/cooler toned hot pink shade. Quite frankly, it is a bit intimidating to look at the pan. But you know me, I love bold colorful shades and I am definitely warming up to it. I wore it today and I initially put too much of it but it was easy to blend out. I will play with it more and report back.

IT cosmetics Hello Lashes Clinically Proven 5-in-1: I have quite a few mascaras to go through so I am not sure if I am going to open it soon. Mascaras do not excite me much! But, it’s a full size one and I am excited to try out one more product from IT Cosmetics.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O: This is a cult favorite make up removing product. I have bought it during their Black Friday sale and I have used it for 2-3 times now. It is really good but I am yet to declare it to be a miraculous product for me yet! But I have liked it when I used it. Also, I always appreciate a travel sized product.

Wayne Goss Brush 05: Wayne Goss brushes are so expensive, this tiny little brush retails for 20$. I will never see myself buying this product at regular price. It’s a nice little pencil brush. I have not used it yet, and when I do, I will definitely let you know if it is something worth 20$.

This was my first bag and overall, I do think I got much more then what I paid for. The total value of these products is $203.95. I have seen much better bags than this and also a few that are not as impressive like this. So apart from the Becca Corrector I absolutely don’t have any complaints. I am also very lucky in that I don’t own any of these products before! I also wasn’t really planning to buy these, so it’s really nice to get them in a mystery bag at half the price.

Will I buy it next year? I don’t know right now. I will analyze my financial health at that moment and decide accordingly :-)

How is the 2016 treating you?


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