Saturday, September 12, 2015

BECCA Mineral Blush ::: Review and Swatches of the NEW shade in "Hyacinth"

Becca Cosmetics is a prestige cosmetics brand originally founded by Rebecca Morris-Williams in Australia. They have been around for some time but they have been gaining insane popularity among makeup lovers in recent years. I have only tried their cheek products; all different blush formulas as well as most of their cheek highlighter formulas! And pick any one of these, you will fall in love!

I have been using “Wild Honey” and “Song Bird” mineral blushes for a while and I will someday share a blogpost on them! :-) But today, I am going to review one of their NEW and permanent mineral blush shades in “Hyacinth”! Previously mineral blush shades were mostly light and better fitted for fair up to medium skin tones! I am so glad that Becca added these 3 new vibrant shades - Lantana (crimson), Nightingale (mulberry) and Hyacinth. These do look a little darker for my skin tone but who cares! ;-) ;-) I am very happy about these additions because bright and colorful things make me super happy!

This is an expensive blush and Becca overall is a pricy brand! For 0.2 oz. of product the retail price is $32. I had a 20% off coupon from Ulta and they had a promotional event of a FREE full-size “Beach Tint” gift with purchase with 30$ Becca product; how awesome is that! If you have read one of my latest blogposts on “Champagne Pop” you know how much I love the design of these Becca compacts! It looks so elegant and worth the price! Becca is available in Sephora, Ulta as well as in Becca website.

So “Hyacinth” is a bright poppy pink shade (Hyacinth is a flower, native to East Mediterranean btw)! So very beautiful and at the same time very scary to look at in the pan! Like all Becca product, this is extremely pigmented. Texture wise these are powder blushes and the formula is very smooth and velvety to touch and when applied, it gives a beautiful healthy satin-y look to your cheeks. As a dry skin girl, I love this formula! But because they are so pigmented I have to be cautious and patient while applying. I like to use a light fluffy blush brush, just very slightly touch the blush, swirl at the back of my hand and then apply. If needed I will go back and use another one or two layers! Like I already stated, these are UTTERLY pigmented, so you can get the color with just one application but with this strong pigmentation it is safer to slowly and patiently build up the color you want! In the picture here, I put on a heavy layer so it would be easier on the picture! It does blend beautifully and has a very long lasting staying power; when I wash my face at night I can still see some color on! This is definitely not something that I gravitate towards during my busy days. But if I want my makeup to last ALL day, I use this. And Fall weather being upon us, this is a perfect shade to wear.

My only complaint is that the powder is very prone to crack :-) The formula is so incredibly velvety and light that a little bit of shake or jerk may shatter and crack it up; I will never have the courage to bring this with me when I am travelling! But I am personally going to ignore this negative point because the same crack prone formula and texture is what makes this product one of a kind. I understand that shades this bright and deeply pigmented may not be particularly enjoyable for everyone! But I totally love the performance! Overall with my 20% off and a great gift with purchase I am very happy with the purchase.

Becca has been getting a lot of love from me recently. I have been enjoying their beach shimmer souffle, the new limited edition highlighters in “Blushed Copper” and “Champagne Pop” (Reviews are linked if you are interested :-)) ! I don’t think this love is going to die down soon! If you have similar skin tone like mine or deeper you should definitely check these new shades! I very highly recommend all of their cheek products!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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