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Review and Swatches ::: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette

First of all, big thank you to my sweetheart sister for summoning me to find her a “small” eyeshadow palette with silver, gold, light blue, pink, gold and black shades that would supposedly be perfect for travel! Pheww!! :-) After I bought this for her she was kind enough ;-) to let me use and review it here before giving it to her when I go home next :-) Suddenly I remember our childhood days; we did not let each other borrow anything at all!! We certainly have grown up :-)

So yes, I bought the palette for her considering it has majority of the shades she needed and like a real “evil big sister” I have been constantly using it from the first day :-) At a retail price of $30, you get 12 versatile shades in matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. Pink Champagne is 0.023 oz. in weight while rest are 0.025 oz. each. You also get a double ended brush which is actually quite useful. Compared to other high end brands this is a very affordable palette with amazing performance. I love the packaging. The design is very classy and minimalistic. It’s very compact too! It’s not extremely strong in built, so I will recommend you to take a little bit of care while you pack this in your makeup bag for travelling.

Closer look :-)
The best thing about this palette is the shade selection. There are peachy beige, black, medium and dark brown mattes which take care of your crease and blending shades. Then you have some vibrant pop of colors like azure and heirloom…and then some graceful shimmer and metallic shades that you can use for every day wear or even to glam up any look. I have travelled with this once or twice and it is so easy to achieve different cohesive eye looks using ONLY this palette! It does not even need a lot of effort to come up with different eye looks! I really cannot praise the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) team enough for creating a palette that truly is “travel friendly”!! Good job!!

For the price point, these shadows really perform very well! Matte shades blends effortlessly and without any fall out! The shimmers are gorgeous too! Metallic shades have some fall out when you use them dry but while wet they are very forgiving!! “Spoiled” is a bit weak but rest of them are quite pigmented. I always wear some kind of primer with my eye shadows. These stay on my eyelids for 7-8 hrs. without fading with Mac Paint Pot underneath it. And oh, they can be worn wet or dry. Keep on reading for more detail on individual shades!

Soft Peach (matte): Very pastel peach which appears “beige” to my eyes. Very blendable and pigmented; I use it to blend out my crease color as well as highlighter under the brow bone.
Morocco (matte): ABH describes it as deep burnt orange and I agree but I personally tend to view it as a very warm medium brown with a strong red under tone  :-) Nonetheless, it is a VERY beautiful and quite useful for my skin tone; I have been constantly using it as my crease color.  Definitely one of my favorite shades from this palette.
Heirloom (sparkle): Such a beautiful shade! A lot of pink-purple micro glitters on a medium purple base. It does not have a lot of fall out but you do lose a few glitters when you apply it on your eyes, the sparkle still shows though! Pigment wise it is just a tiny bit weak and it does not stay as some of the others. Little bit powder-y but the fall out does not occur when applying the eyelids. Quality wise it is not best in this palette but it’s a very pretty shade.
Bellini (Satin): Beautiful peachy gold! It goes on easily and stays on the lid for decent 6-7 hrs. This type of gold suits every skin tone; especially on olive skin tones like mine. I do have similar shades from other brands so I am not very very curious about this one hence have not used it as much the rest, but I do love the shade.
Pink Champagne (Glitter): Shimmery pink champagne with lot of micro glitters. It does need 2-3 coats to get opacity while applied dry and there are some fall out. But I wore it “wet” the other day and it looked incredible. It was easy to apply, there were no fall out and it stayed on the lid till late night after surviving a hot day of outdoor tourist-y activities! I did not think I would enjoy this shade as much as I have been!
Chic (Shimmer): It is just taupy grey, and it looks very similar to Pink Champagne in finish and appearance. Personally I am not a big fan of colors like this but it is useful for every day wear! This also comes handy when you want to add a little glam on your everyday look.

Spoiled (Metallic): Lots of gold micro glitters on Peach base. Pigment wise it is the weakest but I bet it will perform well when wet. It looks great as all over lid shade.
Fudge (Matte): Deep warm chocolate brown. Another one of my favorite! It can be used as crease color and also to intensify the outer v area to add depth to any look. It’s extremely blendable and incredibly pigmented.
Azure (Metallic): Very vibrant blue; and if you scroll through my Instagram profile you will immediately noticed how much I love “Blue”! It is one of favorite shades to wear, especially on my eyes. This applies well but it does need 3-4 coats to get a truly opaque coverage. I really hoped this would have been a little bit deeper and a little bit more pigmented.
Intense Gaze (Satin): Such a beautiful shimmery bronzy coral. I totally LOVE this shade. Applies very well, blends easily and it stayed strong from 7 in the morning till I reach home around 5.30 pm before starting to fade. This shade along with “Morocco”, “Fudge” and “Noir” makes such a warm and deep Fall appropriate eye look; I have been sporting that a lot lately.

Shades used: Morocco, Soft Peach, Fudge, Noir, Azure, Metallic and Spoiled.
Metallic (Metallic): This is such an intense unique gold; it kind of reminds me of “Liquid Gold” pigment from Makeup Geek. It’s overwhelmingly pigmented, applies really well and has the strongest staying power among the bunch. Because it is so pigmented it is a little difficult to incorporate in everyday look, but I do LOVE this shade.
Noir (Matte): Thank you ABH for not forgetting to include a black shade in the palette. Every palette needs a black shade. It is a tiny bit dry but very pigmented. Blends well and stays well :-)

Shades used: Morocco, Fudge, Soft Peach, Intense Gaze, Heirloom, Metallic and
absolutely "no mascara" :-)
Doble Ended Brush: One side is a stiff small dome brush which can be used to add crease colors. Because of the smaller size, it is easier to control it and add the shade exactly where you want. Other end is more like a blending brush with longer brush. The bristles are very smooth and very useful. I am very happy about the fact that I was able to create a whole look with only this brush. The small ribbon does not seem much, but it is actually useful in pulling out the brush from the slot very comfortably. This might be the only brush included in a palette that I have truly love. 

I have been never been interested in any of the previous palettes ABH released. I felt like they have been putting out the similar shades in different variations. I am sure some of the shades in this palette are repeat occurrence too, but they did a real good job in curating the shades. At a price point of $30, I definitely think it is one of the best well-rounded palettes to come out this year. It is a Limited edition palette and looks like it is not available in Sephora or Ulta anymore! But it is still available in ABH website. Grab yours while you can - I highly, highly recommend it!

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