Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quick look on "ARDENCY INN" Modster Eyeliner Trio

Sometime last year Jaclyn Hill mentioned this value kit from “Ardency Inn” in one of her videos. It had a beautiful medium deep blue, a black and a gold. If it is already not obvious from my Instagram profile, let me declare here- Blue is one of my most favorite colors to wear on my eyes. If it were not for my conventional workplace, I would sport “Blue” on my eyes every single day! I still wear “sophisticated” blue to work once a week :-) :-)

Let me handle the distractive effect that blue eyeshadow has on me and focus on this set! The set with blue was out of stock (when Jaclyn Hill says something is her favorite it sells out like hot cakes!) I waited and waited for that set and Sephora did not restock it. They now have a new set of these “MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner” at a price of $29. There are 3 full size pencils with 0.04 oz. of products each. If you buy these separately it will cost $57…so basically you are paying half the price. Isn’t that awesome? The colors in the set are - Black, Coffee and Gold (all are permanent shades. This set will definitely appeal to a larger set of makeup wearers because all these colors are incredible to use day to day. Everyone needs a black and a brown in their arsenal and gold is always useful to add a touch of glam to any look. But if you are a makeup hoarder like me, you may already have similar shades!

Ardency Inn is a makeup brand evolved around downtown New York music scene - read more about it here. It does not have thousand different products but the ones they have are quite popular. This is my first product from the brand, I did buy Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments in “Royal” but I have not worn it yet. Because Jaclyn praised these eyeliners so much I had really high hopes. It was really creamy and smudge-proof. Very easy to wear, goes on really smooth and the colors are quite pigmented. I expected these to stay on my water line for the WHOLE day, but unfortunately it was not the case. It lasted for 4-5 hrs. perfectly and then it faded and started vanishing! It was disappointing. Apart from that I loved the formula.

Black: If you ask me, a girl or boy can never have too many black eyeliners! Every little girl in India back in my day would learn to use a black deep kajol pencil as some very first makeup items. I adore darkly lined sultry eye looks - so black is something I find super useful.

Gold: This one has a gold base and dense gold speckles throughout it. I love to wear gold on my eyelids…it looks flattering against my skin tone. It does not look as flattering as eyeliner but it I do like to have options!

Coffee: I don’t find brown eyeliners very appealing! It’s too basic for me…ha ha! But I do think that it is the most useful shade in the bunch. On my eyes, because it is similar to my skin tone it is almost undetectable. But for a wide variation of skin tones “Coffee” would be great for everyday use. 

Overall, the set is a great bang for your bucks. But because it did not give me CRAZY long wear, I decided to return it. I have similar shades in similar formulas so I tried to be good and not spend my money on something I don’t need. Having said that, I would surely mention that if the blue set comes back, I will definitely stock that up!

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