Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick "Graphic Grape", "Coral Confession", "Red Inferno" ::: Review and Swatches!!!

Look for swatches at the very end... :-)
Buxom Cosmetics recently released a new range of permanent lipsticks called “Big & Sexy Bold Gel” Lipsticks. There are a total of 30 shades in matte and satin finishes! I reviewed “Classified Crimson”, “Ultraviolet”,  “Evocative Petal” here. But, I did not realize that I ordered all matte shades! As I wanted to share my view on full range of products I placed another order with 2 satins. In my previous post, I have shared a bit about Buxom Cosmetics. It is exclusively available at Sephora. I have been quite happy with the shades mentioned above but these three were not that impressive!! 

Packaging of these are beautiful. It’s one of the broader tubes with magnetic closure! Fancy and functional! The shade names are at the bottom in coordinated color label so that’s helpful. The tube material itself is satin or matte corresponding to the formula. I love the packaging, except that it needs bigger slots than found in a normal lipstick holder. You can find these at a retail price of $22 for 0.09 oz. of products in SephoraLet’s just dive into the colors.

Graphic Grape (satin): I don’t have a lot of purple lipshades. So, I may not be 100% correct when I say that this is very unique purple. But it is definitely unique in my vanity. It’s a deep purple+plum vampy shade! One of the reason I don’t like vampy shades on me, but this one has just the right mixture of vampy-ness and brightness so that I can wear it without being uncomfortable. However, the staying power is weak, lasts only for around 4-4.30 hrs. It was smooth to apply and I was able to get an even application in just one swipe. I love this shade and formula was good too; but I recently picked up “After Dark” Matte Revolution lipstick from Urban Decay. It is similar type of color and I think I am going to favor “After Dark” a bit more. So I might be returning this. But overall, other than relatively weak staying power, I really like this particular shade.

Coral Confession (satin): Being a medium olive skin tone, I find it easier to wear corals. But off late, I am not having much luck! Venezia (bright poppy coral) liquid lipstick from Stila was a disappointment and now this one! This is a very pale faint coral, so I can see it to be more flattering on fair and lighter skin tone. But if you have a deeper skin tone, I don’t think it will be suitable. I understand that every shade is not meant to suit everyone. But my main concern is the formula! It’s a satin finish but it was very patchy and uneven on application; it was difficult to apply and get a good opaque look even after 2-3 layers. I tried a few times on exfoliated and moisturized lips but I could not get an even layer of application any one time! I hoped for it to be a “My Lips But Better” color on my skin tone, but formula utterly disappointed me. I have already returned it. 

Inferno Red (matte): Red lipsticks are very hard for me to pass up on. The red shade I reviewed earlier – “Classified Crimson” had a hint of coral warmth and I wanted a neutral deep red. “Red Inferno” looked very interesting. But it actually has a pink undertone which is not my favorite when it comes to red lipsticks. Also, upon application on the lips, it was difficult to distinguish between this and “Classified Crimson”. So I returned it. But it was smooth, even on application and easy to wear. And even if it wears out a after 4-5 hrs, the stain left behind is really beautiful. If this is your kind of red, you might want to pick this up. 

Here is a quick look at all the 6 shades I tried! Check out the other shades here!As you can see, this was not a very pleasant review for me to write. But apart from “Coral Confession” formula wise rest of them were good! My biggest concern is their staying power. For a lipstick worth $22, its wear-time is low. Also after playing with these for a month, I have a confession to make! I am not really a big fan of the lipstick bullet shape. The curve makes it very easy to apply on the upper lip but for lower lips it not really comfortable to work with. I am still happy with the colors I chose the first time! But unfortunately these new three shades most likely will not find a place in my vanity.  … 

This was my first blogpost covering these many shades of a new release... I hope it was helpful :-)

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