Saturday, July 11, 2015

BECCA Limited Edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in "Blushed Copper"

I took pride in not falling for cute packaging for beauty products! As an Engineer I think of myself as a practical person; while I do buy more makeup than I may ever need, I still like to think that I am able to handle my temptation when it comes to cute packaging. If the product does not suit me or it’s not a quality product, but it is UBER CUTE to look at, I think I can still be reasonable and restrain myself from buying it.  

But, I recently proved myself wrong! YES, I bought this ginormous skin perfector from Becca Cosmetics! Don’t get me wrong! This is a SPECTACULAR product but will I ever need or use-up such a giant highlighter? Absolutely not!  It’s a crazy pigmented product; even if I wear it every day it will take me at least a few months to even make a dent in it! :-) But, please, look at this beautiful piece of art!! I just had to surrender to my temptation and I told myself that it is a gift to me from me for passing the Engineer-in-Training Exam. (So you know it makes sense  :-) )

Ok. Enough of introduction :-)

This is retailed at a price of $38 for 8 g (0.28 oz.). It seems to be a very steep price for a highlighter but Becca has excellent quality cheek products and I truly believe that for the amount and quality of the product, the price is justifiable.

I already told you that I fell for the packaging. The engineer in me adores Becca’s UFO/technical looking blushes and highlighters. “Blushed Copper” comes in a limited-edition packaging. It is a stunning rose-gold coppery-metallic compact that is essentially has the same design as the regular line. Very sturdy too! I love the look; this is how a $38 blush should look like! The product itself is however a very very finely milled powder; so you have to be extra careful not to break it while traveling with it! Apart from that, I give 10/10 for packaging!

Applied as highlighter
As you can see in the Sephora site it is described as “A creamy powder luminizer that absorbs and reflects light for a superb natural glow”. The color is described as “warm copper infused with rose gold tones” and I totally agree! It is heavily pigmented! The shimmers or the micro-glitters in “Blushed Copper” looks a tad bit chunky compared to “Moonstone”. For the pigmentation I have to be very very light-handed while applying it otherwise it takes just a few seconds to make me look “funny” :-) It stays on me forever! The shimmer kind of fades away after 4-5 hours but the color and pigment stays on beautifully. I actually prefer the look after 2-3 hours of wearing into; it blends into my face and looks much smoother and “naturally” glowing! I love using it as eyeshadow as well; for one shade eye-looks. I use my Bare Minerals fan brush to apply this. And I actually rather enjoy it using as blush topper than as highlighter.

Applied as a blush topper                                  Applied as eyeshadow
  • Beautiful product.
  • Pigmented
  • Big size, so never have to run out of highlighter.
  • Crazy pigmented! Have to be very very light handed.
  • Not the best for travelling or for rough use.
For the strong pigmentation it took me a while to get used to! But now I have really started to enjoy it; I specially have been really loving bronzey-corally monochromatic looks with this as the star of the look!! This will look gorgeous on an Indian Bride too…it will be perfect with all the shimmery-glittery Indian bridal wardrobe! By the way, the beautiful sheen in this blush was so hard to capture! I had to do it over and over again! Here are some failed swatches :-) Hope you enjoy them as well! 

It is a limited-edition Sephora Exclusive product and is still available (Here is the link)! If it interests you, go ahead and pick it up! It truely will be a beautiful addition to your vanity! Have a lovely weekend folks!

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