Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo ::: Review & Swatches

I started to become a hardcore makeup enthusiast sometime in late 2013. But due to my routine work tours I was never home regularly with my entire makeup collection for more than 3-4 weeks at a stretch. But now, that has changed and I have been in the same location for 2 straight months, well keeping aside a very short trip to Iowa :-) I have been able to arrange my makeup item in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing arrangement and I am finally able to wear different products to incorporate in my routine every day. YAY! Enjoying this superpower (?? J) for last two months, I am almost surprised to realize that there are a few products that I love and use very regularly but I never appreciate!

Lorac’s TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo is one such product. You can see in the picture that I have used up a lot of the bronzer! And yet, I have never expressed my love for it in my blog, or even in my Instagram I have never raved about it. But I use it regularly; more so when I am in a hurry and I just want something tried and tested. I also take it with me whenever I am travelling.

Anyway, I have the travel size which is retailed at a price of $12 for 0.02 oz. You can find Lorac in Ulta, Kohl’s and on Lorac website too. The regular size costs $33 for 0.4 oz. I really like the travel size because it is easier to store and very very comfortable to travel with. Also, just look at the packaging. It comes in a simple rose-gold elegant compact with a decent size mirror. The clasp is very well made too. Like I said, I have travelled a lot with it and often times I just throw it in my carry-on! It has certainly survived my abuse till now! :-)

I have warm undertone, and on my warm medium tan skin tone I just LOVE this bronzer! It’s COMPLETELY matte, very brown and very very warm! Very pigmented too, just a tiny swipe can bronze up your whole face! But it’s very forgiving; very easy to blend so even though it’s pigmented it is easy to wear. I love how you can see the warmth in just one light application. This is definitely for someone who likes noticeable bronzing. I personally will never dare to contour with a bronzing product! I do know that a lot of us love to contour with bronzers! The perfect matte formula in the TANtalizer would have been awesome for contouring but the shade is too warm; I anyway don’t really care about contouring with it! But I have been thoroughly enjoying it as a bronzer. I also very much enjoy the fact that it works really well with all different kind of bases! I have worn it on bare, just-moisturized skin, mineral powder foundation, full coverage liquid foundation and on BB Creams. Typically it gives me around 4-5 hrs. of wear leaving behind a nice warmth to the face. But with full coverage foundation with staying power is slightly longer.

Even though the bronzer has become quite a staple product in my makeup routine, I don’t have a lot to say about the highlighter. I am not a hardcore fan of highlighter yet (well, that might change now because I have started to use Becca highlighters :-)!) May be that is why I don’t use the highlighter that often. The shade is very beautiful though – it’s a pale pinky champagne color with micro mini speckle of glitters and sometimes on the face the glitters shows a little too obvious for my taste. It is easy to blend though!  I don’t use it when I am home and have access to other highlighters but I do use it when I am travelling. It’s an OK product for personally; I am not overly impressed, nor do I have any complaints!

I got this sometime last summer and it took me about a year to compile this review! So you know, this is one product that I have loved for this long! I hope you like the review :-) It looks like I am going to hit pan soon and I am pretty excited in anticipation of that :-) What bronzers have you been using this summer? Anything that I should try? :-)


P.S.: You can check my thoughts on Bare Minerals First Resort Bronzing Kit here which is another bronzer that I have been utterly loving for more than a year now! :-)   

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