Friday, June 27, 2014

bareMinerals: THE FIRST RESORT Bronzing Kit

Summer is finally, finally here and everybody is busy getting their tan on!! Time to bring out all of your favorite bronzers to work and also to discover new ones!

bareMinerals is one of the brands that has really impressed me with their products. I have not tried a whole lot of their products but I am happy with the few that I have tried. They are widely known for their proprietary mineral based makeup (I guess it is quite obvious from the name, ha ha!) They are dedicated to create makeup products that are also good for your skin. If you are interested in learning more about why and how "minerals" have inspired their products, click here!

I am from India and in India, "Getting tanned" is not something that is generally appreciated and adored. It is, in fact, just the opposite! The general population has a rather unhealthy obsession with "fair" skin. The cosmetics market is flooded with "Fair & Lovely" creams that claim to lighten the typical "dusky" Indian skin tone. I never have or never will use one of those creams! But I will admit, there have been few moments in my childhood when I wished I was a tad fairer in color!! Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that I was unbelievably scared of bronzers. I simply assumed that I cannot use bronzer since I already have tanned skin. I was wrong. Beautylish members encouraged me again; few dark-skinned beauties shared some of their very beautiful "bronzed" look! That inspired me, and I finally decided to try bronzer. This set was released earlier this year. When I saw it at Ulta store in April I simply fell for the packaging. And I am using this ever since. I do enjoy my Lorac Tantilizer from time to time but I am definitely giving this way more love!!

I purchased the kit in Ulta during their "21 Days of Beauty" event. I paid full price which is $35, but I did score a free mini moxie lip gloss with the purchase :-) The bronzer weighs 14 g (0.49 oz) and the gloss weighs 4.5 ml (0.15 fl oz). The brush is nicely tapered with a perfectly long handle. In short, you are getting 3 wonderful products at a very affordable price! 

The outer box is of cardboard in a nice maroon-gold color. There is a tiny paper-note with more details about the products. The best award for packaging in the whole set definitely goes to the bronzer. It's a beautiful coppery-bronze colored metallic rectangular case; VERY elegant-looking and equally sturdy! The lid has a nice big mirror and opens up to 60 degrees! The lip gloss tube is of glass and also has the same copper-bronze lid. However I doubt how well-built these are! It was loose at the top and the gloss was leaking a bit when it arrived. You can see in the pictures how I tried to salvage it using some good old "duct tape", but I am not sure how long it will hold; it's disappointing :-( !! However, Ulta did give me an eGift card (not to the amount of the full price of the gloss), but I really appreciate how promptly they responded and helped me with my "broken" gloss situation!

The set comes with 3 FULL SIZE products
  • bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in the shade "The Beach is waiting".
  • Marvellous Moxie Lip gloss in the shade "Party Starter".
  • Light Stroke Fan Brush.

THE BEACH IS WAITING: If it is not already obvious, I would say again- "I love this bronzer". There are 3 shades. As mentioned in the packaging they included two of their popular colors of bronzer & luminizer and a brand new bronzer. The luminizer is called "The Long Weekend" and the bronzers are called "The High Dive" and "The Big Splash"; I have no idea which one is which! If you do, please share! The texture of all the shades are very smooth, easy to blend and long-lasting. The first bronzing shade is a warm-toned medium brown, looks matte on the pan at first but has a extremely subtle sheen! Then you have the golden-beige colored luminizer that acts as a perfect highlighter for my skin tone. My most favorite among these are the last golden shimmery shade. I love it! I am scared of putting anything on my face that looks that shiny on the pan (eyes are exceptions!). But when applied it gives me this BEAUTIFUL healthy-glow; the shimmer does not even show up that much; just the perfect sheen. I apply it in the shape of number 3 on both side of my face and very lightly dust on my nose as well as forehead. I love the results. You can also mix the shades to get a very pretty effect, but I particularly don't enjoy the after effect of the swirling action on the pan. The packaging tells that you can contour with it; but I am not big on contouring; specially with a bronzer!

PARTY STARTER: I love their Marvelous Moxie lip glosses! Perfect consistency; not too thick or thin. It's a tad sticky but nothing goopy like the Lorac lip glosses (reviewed here) ! It feels very even and smooth once it settles down. It is also very long wearing. It does have a minty tingling feel which I personally enjoy. This is a bright coral shade; ideal for summer and will look flattering on everybody.

Light Stroke FAN BRUSH: I did not have any fan brushes before, so I am enjoying it. Very useful when I want to wear a soft contour. I love using it to apply my highlighter as well! But I do prefer using a fluffy round brush to apply my bronzer over this. 

  • Very good value for your money.
  • Easy to use, blendable, natural looking bronzer.
  • Lip gloss is very suitable with bronzed look.
  • Depending on your personal choice you may not like the minty tingly feel of the gloss.
  • The packaging of the gloss seems doubtful (I might have received a bad tube)!

The kit is no more available in Ulta or Sephora; it may resurface in future though. But it's still available in bareminerals website. You can also find it in Macy's and Dilliards

The bronzer looks so pretty in my vanity :-) I am glad that I fell for the packaging; its a great product and I am really enjoying it! Hope it was helpful.

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