Sunday, June 1, 2014

Because it's still Spring!!

Google tells me that Summer here starts on June 21st. So officially it's still "Spring". I will be completing 3 full years in the US of A this July. I have had ample opportunity to travel to and reside in many different places throughout the country; thanks to my education as well as my current job. I have lived in either very hot or very very very cold places! Fall is the most beautiful season here. I, however, have never managed to visit places which are wildly famous for Fall Scenarios. Fall always is gorgeous and I desperately wait for beautiful hot summer days! (Well, that's kind of what happens when you live in places like Buffalo and Chicago :)). Since this year we faced one of the cruelest winter in recent times, summer is much more awaited then normal :) !!

But, then came Spring! Calm evenings, chill weather and adorable Spring flowers!! Pink, red, white and yellow flowers. And cute daisies! I am completely smitten by Spring. Well, that may be an exaggeration! But Spring has slowly become my favourite. Sadly, the flowers here last only for one or two weeks, but here are some pics....enjoy :)


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