Thursday, May 29, 2014

My first ever BITE Lipstick :)

I discovered this beautiful community named "Beautylish" while surfing through the "Editor's Choice" Section in Google Playstore back in Dec '13 and I am hooked ever since. It's an online community, available as an app for mobile devices (Beautylish on Android) and also as a website. It's full of makeup tips, beauty looks, product reviews and some exclusive brands to purchase. The best part is its makeup enthusiastic members who are always keen on helping each other and I have been totally enjoying its positive environment. I should actually write another blog-post about it :)

I have been sparingly hearing about Bite Beauty lip products on YouTube. I was eager to use Sephora's Spring 15% off coupon and my Beautylish friends strongly recommended me Bite's lipsticks. I did a quick study; its packaging as well as "all natural brand" tag intrigued me. I decided to bite the bullet and get an everyday shade. However in the store, it was a completely different story! Because of the sale, it was very crowded  and there were so many shades to swatch. I was also running out of time. I picked up the tester in "Cin Cin" and dabbed a little bit on my lips in a hurry. I did not even spend 5 seconds on the mirror to check the color. I just grabbed the lipstick trying not to over think and finished my shopping for that day!

On my first application at home it appeared as neon pink-orange to me, which I did not like much. But, then I took a few selfies :) and was amazed to see how flattering it looks on me! I sent the photos to my sister and my Beautylish friends, they all assured that the color suits me perfectly! Their opinion helped me decide if I should return it. And one month later, I am really glad that I kept it. I have been wearing it every single chance I am getting. Considering its still Spring moving into the beautiful days of summer, this bright coral shade is just the PERFECT color to sport this season. I have medium olive/tan skin tone), I am pretty sure, it will look good on everyone.

Be ready!! :) I am going to rave about the product and this is going to be long post... 

First things first, I "LOVE" the unique packaging. Their choice of material as well as color for the packaging is very different and sleek. The outer packaging is made of typical light cardboard; the color combo of ash and red-orange on the outer packet gives it a very sophisticated look. The lipstick tube is in dark grey and minimalistic in design, but very sturdy. The material is very velvety, it kind of resembles the famous chic packaging of NARS. But I find it easier to maintain than the NARS ones (I don't like how NARS packaging keeps getting dirty after every use!). I also adore how "B" in the logo is little cut off. Weird me :) !! The "B" is also engraved in the actual lipstick, how cute!!

But a pretty packaging is not enough, right? The quality of the lipstick is unbelievable too!! For people like me who are "blessed" with naturally chapped lips; this is the exact formula that we need. It is very hydrating, extremely pigmented and really easy on the lips. Texture wise it is neither extremely matte nor shiny, but has a pleasant and very subtle creamy sheen! It's long wearing too. I have had a solid wear of 6 hrs before it started to fade off by a tiny bit. The other day I applied my makeup around 11 am and had to reapply my lipstick after a "full-on" Taco session at 4.30 pm. Apart from MAC matte lipsticks (which are VERY drying), no other lip products last that long on me. Another great thing is that when it starts to fade, it leaves a gorgeous and even stain behind which I really enjoy. Basically, if I want I can get away without reapplying another coat of lipstick. I can just slap on some lip balm and achieve a beautiful stain! :)

Bite Beauty is a natural lip care company based out of Toronto, Canada. Their packaging describes the lipstick as 95% natural. They use organic and natural food grade ingredients like resveratrol, organic fruit butter and manuka honey i.e. you can actually eat the products :) They also have a very innovative lip lab in New York City where they can manufacture the lipstick of your choice in under 20 minutes. You can literally walk up there with any discontinued or limited edition lipstick that you are running out of, and they will custom-make it in front of you...Isn't it super cool? You can read more about it here. I love learning and sharing tit-bits of information on cosmetics brands; hope you'd also enjoy them :)

It's definitely a pricey product! The Luminous Creme Lipstick from them retails at $24 for 0.15 oz (4.35 g) of product, exclusively in Sephora. I am not aware of any other place where you can buy it. If you happen to know, please share. Anyway, $24 is no doubt a lot of money to pay for a lipstick, but for the amazing feel on my lips and the high performance I am getting, I truly feel its worth every penny!! 

So yeah, that's it. I can actually go on and on abut how much I love it. Nonetheless...

  • Highly pigmented and extremely opaque!
  • Long wearing.
  • Very moisturizing
  • Sometimes, it tends to settle on the fine lines on my lips. It may sound a bit contradicting, but I see a thin layer of dead skin towards the end of the day, although my lips do not feel dry at all. Kind of weird!

I am yet to try other products from this brand, but I absolutely recommend their Luminous Creme Lipsticks, if you are in the market for a spring/summer color, I am pretty sure you will love "Cin Cin"!! I have been enjoying it and will surely be picking up some more of these in the future!

Hope it was helpful.

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