Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Formula X "The Six" ::: Review and Swatches!!

When I reviewed Formula X Nail set “The Twenty Two” awhile back, I realized that every nail polish color that I might ever need was there! I promised myself that I am never buying another bottle, EVER! But, I broke my promise! (Courtesy, Formula X again!)   :-)

Formula X is Sephora’s very own nail polish brand! They have an expansive array of shades and finishes! Colors, Glitters, Sheers, Satins, Effects, Neons; almost anything you can imagine when it comes to nail polishes! Also, if you browse through Sephora’s “sale” section, you will almost always see a few items from Formula X on sale! This set titled “The Six” went on sale for $15 and I could not resist. Oops! :-) As the short and sweet name suggests, there are 6 full size nail polishes in beautiful hues and different formulas. The regular price for the set is $29.50 for 0.04x6 oz. of products.

Hocus Pocus: This is a beautiful lavender color! For as long as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails! It’s a holographic satin, goes on smooth, easy and even on application!  Generally needs two layers for a much opaque look but one layer works too. But it looks a bit paler with one coat and it gets rubbed off easily too! With 2-3 coats the shades appear a bit deeper and richer and stay a few more days too!

Blast Off (Black) and Boom (Periwinkle Blue): There are two top coats - one in black and the other one in periwinkle blue. Black one has small strands along with the hexagons :-) I love these topcoats! They stay put. I have similar type of topcoats from the previous set. I wished they would try to infuse different kind of design/speckle in these topcoats :-)

Intergalactic: This is a pretty pink glitter shade mixed with gold micro speckles. Those of you who are not much into gold extra glittery nail polishes during holidays; this will be a beautiful substitute. An even look can be achieved with one layer. With a 2-3 days wear, the glitter kind of fades away. But I love the color nonetheless. 

Super Charged: This shade has “Holiday” written all over it :-) It’s a black and gold glitter polish. LOVE it. Especially for accent nails!!

Surreal: Another beautiful color. Very pale mermaid blue! This reminds me so much of “Mermaid’s Dream” from Deborah Lippman; of course without the shimmer and glitters. Easy to apply, stayed for 4-5 days. Looks equally good in toes & nails. This topped with Boom can definitely be a color-dupe for Mermaids Dream.

At $15, this is a great deal. You get two wearable colors with some fun glitter options; I also love that they are wearable throughout the year. It is a limited edition set but is still available on the Sephora website :-) I can never recommend nail polishes as “must have” products, but yes, if you decide to opt for it, your money will be worth spent.

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