Sunday, August 30, 2015

Swatches & Review: 2015 Sephora Favorites Limited Edition "Give Me Some Lip"

Every year beauty lovers in USA look forward to the Sephora Favorite “Give Me Some Lips” set that  is typically released around the onset of Fall. And you know me; I am a self-proclaimed value-set fanatic! :-) Sephora released this year’s set just a few days ago, and I can tell from the very first look this year’s set is almost perfect!

Let’s go straight to the product details! The packaging is super adorable! As you can see, it is a tiny cute box in the shape of lips; I am definitely displaying it on my vanity. This set will cost you $25 for one full-size lipstick and 5 deluxe size lipsticks in different formulas and different shades! Based on weight/price ratio, per my calculation this set is worth $60. Awesome value for your hard earned money! You can purchase this set here from Sephora. I loved the set that they put together in 2014, but it was a little to gloss heavy! 2014 set was also showing on Sephora website if you are interested, I have reviewed 2014 set here!

Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in19-Peony”: I regularly use a lot of Sephora Collection products! In general, they perform satisfactorily. This is a very light-weight texture-less lip stain. It was comfortable to apply although I had to use 2-3 swipes to get an opaque even coverage. Sephora describes it to have buildable coverage! It does not stay more than 4-5 hrs. and after a while penetrates deep into the fine lines of my lips. It’s a deep muted fuchsia, berry type of shade; definitely the deepest shade in the set! Overall this is not particularly my favorite but I can still use it.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick inCoral Blossom: I am so glad that Sephora made a Tarte product their full size product in this set! It’s a universally flattering coral color in a nourishing formula! So much better than last year’s full size “Pout” lip gloss from Smashbox which is extremely pale and not suitable for every skin tone. I have 5 of these butter lipsticks from a previous set and I love them (I don’t know why I have not been wearing them a lot lately). Anyway, the formula is great. Very nourishing and comfortable to wear! You have to compromise on the wear-time though! It hardly lasts 4-5 hrs. but I don’t mind re-applying.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment inRose: I tried this in Full size “Tulip” treatment from a value set and I had a horrible experience; it was so bad that I skipped reviewing the whole set altogether! However, I am loving this tiny-tiny lip balm in “Rose”. It gives my lips a very natural flushed alive shade while nourishing for 3-4 hours before you feel the need to reapply!  I love it.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème inJe T'Aime: This is my very first Marc Jacobs lip product. This line was launched last year and it immediately became a hit. I don’t know why, but I don’t find the courage to feel excited about Marc Jacobs product! Somehow I have this adamant thought in the back of my mind that they are ridiculously expensive and yet, the products are just ok! But, I have been so happy with most of the few products I have tried from them. This lipstick is not different either. Creamy opaque formula, applies smoothly to give even coverage in single swipe and stays almost the whole day! I am SUPER impressed. This is a pinky mauve shade which is perfect for everyday office wear on my medium skin tone; especially on days when I am craving a brighter shade!  I love the mini tube too; it’s so adorable!

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss in202: I am so happy that this year they include just one gloss! That too in a very petite size! This is a relatively new product from Make Up For Ever. Formula wise, it’s thick and almost sticky but not in bad way! Over all these time experimenting with makeup I have come to a realization that I DO NOT like glosses; not at all! But this is not bad actually. It’s a very very pale coral color, almost too pale on my lips! But I can definitely wear it and I think I am going to keep it my purse for touch-up during the week days!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick inLolita: Ooh la la! How many of you have stalked Sephora to get your hands on this? I personally never felt that much interest. My teenage years were “brown lipstick heavy” era in India and I remember that average Indian women typically having two shades of lipstick at most. A Red lipstick if you are a little adventurous and a really brown shade applied with an even darker lip liner!! I myself have worn harsh dark brown lip liner to line my lips and nothing else to feel it in; those were some embarrassing time :P So understandably, even though the entire beauty community cannot have enough brown lip shades I am not particularly excited about them! 

So, is all the hype about the “ever-out-of-stock” Lolita real? It has not knocked off my socks yet! May be because of my inhibition about the color. But the formula is WONDERFUL; very comfortable and smooth for a liquid lipstick and stays all day. The color looks incredible on me for the first 10-15 minutes and then I feel it looks too brown! But then I wear it to office the other day and under the yellow interior lights, this actually looks very office appropriate! So, I am definitely going to use it! The size is also decent. I think Sephora took a good decision to include this in this set. It is always out-of-stock online or in the stores, so if you have been curious about “Lolita”, this is the perfect opportunity to try it!

I am so happy with this year’s set. Sephora did a really good job on this. It has a very comprehensive range of shades – pink, mauve, nudes and brighter shades in different formulas – balm, gloss, traditional and liquid! The sizes are super adorable and comfortable to keep in my handbag. It is also easier to finish up these! : -) If you are lipstick lover like me, you should pick this up. Even if you are just starting out, this is a prefect set.

Good job, Sephora.

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