Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Champagne Pop" - Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector by Jaclyn Hill ::: Review & Swatches!!

In my 30 years of existence I have never known myself to behave like a hard core fan to anyone; but I think that has changed now and I have become quite the fan girl of Jaclyn Hill!! :-) If you don’t know who she is, here is her YouTube profile. She is a very popular and very beloved YouTuber who specializes in makeup tutorials and reviews! For the past few weeks, beauty industry especially out here on the internet has been abuzz for the launch of Champagne Pop. She collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to bring out a limited edition shade named “Champagne Pop” for their cult favorite “Shimmering Skin Perfectors (also known as highlighters)” exclusively at Sephora :-) I personally did not get overly excited because I was 200% sure that it is going to sell out in 5 minutes. Also, the fact that I don’t wear highlighter on a regular basis, and I already have a few of them, did not make it an exciting proposition. From the limited amount of pictures available, I could see a little bit of difference in this and oher highlighter shades Becca has, but I was still not very sure if the difference will show up on the skin, once applied. Overall, I was VERY certain that I DO NOT need it and I am NOT going to buy it. But an hour into its release, I browse Sephora website and when I saw that it was still available, my brain by-passed my logic controller, and my fingers automatically clicked on “Place Order”! #lifeOfAMakeupHoarder :-) :-)

I know that at this point there is no purpose in writing a blog-post. Makeup lovers across US and the world over who wanted it have already got their hands on it. It did sell out fast; apparently it broke Sephora's record for the most-purchased product on its first day of release. Fortunately it is still available at the Sephora website and may be in some stores as well. Once they are sold out, there is very less chance of Sephora relaunching it as it is a Limited Edition product. But I am writing this blog-post out of pure respect and admiration for her. I want to share with my readers and to show myself as well the sheer power of hard work! I have been watching her for almost two years now and there is some kind of clarity in her persona that makes her so genuine. From a humble beginning as a MAC Makeup Artist to being loved by so many people across countries is quite an achievement. And, she still manages to remain humble, quirky and her true jolly self. I love that! I watch YouTube videos regularly and believe me, when I say that her videos are the only ones that I can watch without any hesitation in front of my friends who are not into makeup. A few of my guy friends have had to watch her when I was showing her videos to my girlfriends! Her personality is so simple, captivating and hilarious that my friends who usually love to make funny comments could not manage to make any! I wish success to Jaclyn and pray that she keeps on inspiring everyone, especially the younger generation! 

OK. OK. OK. Calm down, Aru! Share something about the product too! :-)

Becca is justly loved for their cheek products. Champagne Pop is a Limited Edition shade but the formula is same as their regular line and also comes in their regular packaging! I adore this packaging because the UFO looking compact is quite fitting in an Engineer’s vanity ;-) ;-)! The outer box is a limited edition design with her face on it :-) but I do wish that the actual compact would be little different- you know, just a harmless wish! It will cost you $38 for 0.28 oz. For the amount of product and for the quality, I think the price is very reasonable.

Apart from the Blushed Copper shade, which is another LE product (reviewed here), all of their highlighters seems to be fairly close in shade. Before I own any one of them, I assumed that once applied on the skin, they will be hard to distinguish! I currently have “Opal” and “Rose Gold” and I don’t know if I have changed my mind about my assumption :-)  Apart from the lovely shades and smooth formula, these are “notoriously pigmented”! Same is true for “Champagne Pop”! I mean, come on, what else do you expect from a collaboration of Becca and Jaclyn Hill!

Champagne Pop is a peachy-pinky gold! It’s very very flattering on medium skin tone; but it has the right amount of gold to suit dark skin tone as well, and also, right amount of pink to flatter paler skin tones! It truly is the perfect highlighter shade. It’s very very rich in pigmentation and has unbelievable staying power. The other day I took a bath while washing my face with a very mild cleanser and afterwards it felt like the glow from the highlighter was still there ;-) You need a light hand and a very little amount of product. Although it’s golden in hue, I have worn it with relatively cooler makeup looks as well! I also love to use it as overall lid color, as a inner corner highlighter as well as on my collarbone. :-) Overall, 10 on 10 for the product.

My only concern is the name! I kind of think “Pop” was unnecessary in the name. It does not match the other shade names and does not match the elegance that Becca as well as Jaclyn emits. If they could come up with another adorable name like the “Blushed Copper”! I know this is a useless personal observation and it has nothing to do with the quality of the product. But as a blogger I am required to state what I feel :-)

So, to keep it simple and short, I am glad that I caved and bought it…If you are lusting over it…go pick it up! Especially if you have not yet tried Becca Skin Perfectors! You will absolutely love it :-)

Keep Glowing!!


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