Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taste of Chicago: 2015

One of my undocumented resolution for 2015 was to explore more! I am always open to travelling places! But, sometimes I fail to explore the places that I am living in (I have lived in quite a lot of places). When I heard of Taste of Chicago, I forced myself to make time and see what it is all about. And I had a good time! 

Taste of Chicago has a long and rich history! It first was organized in 1980 and according to Wikipedia has become one of the largest food festival of the world. This year it started on 8th July in Grant Park, Downtown Chicago, and ends tomorrow!

I did not expect these many people! It was crowded, there were a lot of stalls of different kind of cuisines including pop-up restaurants, food trucks and Five-Day Restuarants! There were different music acts too; which were mostly free. The admission is free and the pay system for the food is by food tickets. You get 12 tickets at $8.5. A lot of the booths had taste portions which cost 4-5 tickets and other items varied from 10-20 tickets! I do think, it is a little bit expensive, but hey it's a different kind of experience. I am open to experimenting different food and I had Rattlesnake and Rabbit Snake Sausage, Mini Vietnamese Pork Taco, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Thai Noodles and Corn on the Cob!

Here are some pictures for you.... Hope you enjoy! 

Jerk Chicken
Mini Vietnamese Pork Taco
Taste of Rattlesnake and Rabbit Sausage 
Thai Noodles and Mango Ice Cream
Shrimp Popcorns
Corn on the Cob


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