Friday, July 8, 2016

500 point perk from Sephora ::: A Flawless Fit from Laura Mercier!!!

If you live in USA or Canada (or any other place that has a Sephora) and happen to be a Beauty Lover, I am almost sure that you have a Sephora Beauty Insider account. I have one too! And I don’t know about you, but I love hoarding my points, mainly because I hardly see product that seem worth the points! I am particularly iffy about their 500 point perks. More often than not, the kits consist of tiny little products and not at all equivalent to 500 points. The last 500 point perk that really excited me was the Urban Decay Urban Vices Palette (reviewed here). I am still in love with that!

And after a few months, finally a 500 point reward that in my mind, is worth spending the point for :-) I am fully aware that this is not available online anymore; but I am sharing my thoughts anyway because of the following reasons -
  • These are permanent products.
  • Some of the stores may still have them.
  • It is always good to review these as sets!
For those of you who don’t already know, Sephora has a reward program called “Beauty Insider” through which they award you 1 point for every dollar spent against your account. Once you have collected enough points you can redeem rewards that comes in 100 point perks, 500 point perks and 250 point perks. Some time they bring out limited edition 1000, 500 and 10000 point perks and the controversy regarding those is a WHOLE OTHER story!

A Flawless FIT” comprises of 5 deluxe-size favorites from Laura Mercier Cosmetics. It is a higher end brand and considering I don’t have much from them, it seemed like a good investment for me! Here are the products –

Lip Glaze (0.1 oz.) in Tulip: Let’s start with a product that I have been LOVING! The color is so beautiful; it is a very pretty, sophisticated pink shade with a little bit of lilac mixed in! Packaging is very sturdy with a decent doe-foot applicator. Formula-wise it is little bit thick but I love how moisturizing it is! I also love the fact that I can wear this on top of any other lip product in any shade. I have already replaced the current lip product I have in my everyday bag with this :-); t this is the perfect lip product for that mid-day touch-up!

Matte Radiance Baked Powder (0.06 oz.) in Bronze-03: This was the item that I was most excited for! I got their very popular Matte Radiance Highlight in 01 in one of the Sephora Favorites Superstars kit last holiday season (reviewed here) and I love, LOVE it! So, I definitely had high hopes for this! The formula is “matte” and it definitely is matte (that Highlighter-01 is super shiny even though it is called a matte highlighter). This is a baked formula so not at all difficult to blend. Color wise, it does not show up on me that prominently, and I tend to wear this as a subtle, more natural bronze! I do think it will show much prettier on pale/fair to medium skin tone! I am also excited to wear it as a double duty blush and bronzer.

Translucent Loose Setting Power (0.12 oz.): This is another cult favorite product from Laura Mercier. Every one praises this. I have incredibly dry skin so buying this expensive of a powder was always a no no! But I am glad that I have an adorable mini size to try. I have used it once or twice and to be honest, I don’t have a strong opinion. It performs well and that’s it!

Foundation Primer (0.5 fl. oz.): it is a very clear primer. I have worn it a few times but my experience has been very indifferent. It performed average – my makeup went fine and stayed put. But it did not do anything magical. I will surely use it up but not impressed enough to replace my current favorite primers with this.

Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil (0.10 fl. oz.): This is the only product that I still have to try. I am almost certain I will like it because my dry skin is very fond of face oils :-)

Here I am wearing the lip glaze and the bronzer for a a very simple look to wear to work!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I sincerely hope you had a chance to pick this up? What is the best Sephora point perk reward that you got? Tell me :-)

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