Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tiny Little MAC Haul ::: "Work It Out Collection" - PREP + PRIME FIX + in "Coconut" & "Lavender"

I have never been a die-hard fan of MAC Cosmetics; I never grew much attachment with the brand. But there are a few selective products that are VERY close to my heart! I totally believe that they are worth every penny. Fix+ is one such product. Now they call it “Prep + Prime Fix +”, honestly, I like the name “Fix+” better (raise your hand if you agree). Anyway, I got it in a trial size long back and bought a full-size as well which is almost empty now. 

Last year they came out with scented Fix+ in coconut, rose and a few other scents; everybody went bonkers. I missed it at that time. But when I saw sneak peak of their “Work It Out Collection” on Instagram, I immediately knew I am going to pick at least one of this. 
I got coconut because it seemed to be the popular choice and I got lavender because it is one of my favorite scents. Coconut scent has not yet grown on me but the lavender is definitely a favorite. It is not a strong lavender scent; it is more powdery and bright. It reminds me of something I used when I was a kid, some powder may be? But I enjoy it, very nostalgic :-) You can find these on MAC Cosmetics Website which offers free shipping. Like all limited-edition products from MAC these may sell out rather quickly, I am surprised they are still available. 

I adore this tiny little tubes.I got this on Monday and on first impression, they smell wonderful and work exactly like the original Fix+. If you already don't know, Fix+ is not a setting spray! I use it as the last step in my makeup application and it makes everything on my face come together! This is the product to apply if you think you used too many powders on your face and your makeup looks dry and powder-y. A lot of people use it to foil metallic shadows as well. I really enjoy the original smell as well; I cannot exactly pinpoint how it smells or what it reminds me of, but it is very refreshing, especially on hot summer days. 

This is a product I will keep repurchasing and I am glad that I picked these two! I am excited to use these but know I will be using this sparingly as they are limited edition. 


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