Saturday, February 25, 2017

URBAN DECAY Heavy Metal Glitter Liners in "Midnight Cowboy" & "Spandex"

I know everybody is talking about the new Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows from Stila Cosmetics. Touch In Sol also have some similar glitter eyeshadows that were launched a few months ago. I did a review on here, I enjoyed the shade I got. I am, however, very enamored by these Heavy Metal Glitter Liners from Urban Decay that has been around for a long time. I don’t know how, but I only came to know about these just a few months ago, when I bought Sephora Favorites “Extravagant Eyes” set (detailed review here and this set is still around on Sephora). 

If glitter annoys you because of how messy it can get or if you find the application process a bit intimidating, these are the perfect glitter product for you. They are super-duper easy to use, very convenient to travel with and are extremely sparkly. I appreciate how companies are bringing out gorgeous, easy-to-use glitter products these days but I got to hand it to Urban Decay for being a pioneer in putting the convenient factor in glitter eyeshadows.

Midnight Cowboy - just a light layer all over the lid
All the shade available in color in this Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are stunning! I am eyeing the shade “Distortion” next! If you cannot already tell, I adore these liners. Go, grab a shade that speaks to your heart, You will surely enjoy it. 

Price, Packaging and Availability: These are $20 for 0.25 oz. of products. These are very easily available on Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Urban Decay website. I think these are very reasonably priced! What I absolutely adore about this is the functionality of the product. It comes in a handy tube with a very thin, precise brush applicator. The brush makes it so easy to get a super crisp line. You can easily use it to layer over your winged liner and also to apply all over the lid.

Quality and Wear-time: simply AWESOME! These are very shiny and quite pigmented. All of these has different shades of superfine glitters on clear base so you typically need 2-3 layers to get an even application. If you like an extremely opaque glittery look covering your entire lid, these may not be your cup of tea. I actually do like that these are on clear base, it’s what gives them that sheer but very even glittery look. The glitters are not too micro but not chunky as well! That shine and sparkle of these glitters are simply extraordinary; it speaks to my soul and makes me little heart leap with joy! You know, makeup can be very joyous! :-)

Midnight Cowboy - heavy layer
Midnight Cowboy - heavy layer
They do not take much long to dry down after application. When I first apply this, it slightly tingles over my lid, just a slight irritation but it completely goes away after a few seconds.

Another thing I absolutely enjoy is the staying power. Every single time I wear it, I am amazed to see how intact are these glitters are. They stay on till I remove them at night. I do see a few fall-out on my face sometimes but it is very negligible. There is absolutely no need for any glitter glue and I can easily layer it over any kind of eyeshadow or even on bare lid. I wore “Midnight Cowboy” on my sister’s wedding reception and it lasted from about 6 pm to the next morning. I got loads of compliments and I cannot believe that it stayed put throughout the hectic, humid and crazy busy night! 

Here are the two shades I picked up –

Midnight Cowboy: I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love this shade. For some weird reason, I love this name too! It’s a gorgeous beige-y gold shade, I swear I can see pink-ish kind of glitter too! But it is mostly gold. It is one of those shades that goes with any kind of eyeshadow color! It is very complimentary against my skin tone and also with heavy Indian dresses. I love to pack this over my entire lid for a super glamorous look; I also love to lightly layer it for a soft, chic look! I have done a few looks with this, you can check them here.

Spandex - heavy layer
Spandex - light layer
Spandex: Weird name but whatever! I am big fan of blue eyeshadows. I wear them more often than I should. When I got $10 birthday coupon from Ulta I decided to invest in this shade because of course, it is blue. This is a deep dark blue shade with some gold glitter shade as well, I am in love! It performs exactly the way “Midnight Cowboy” does.

I am enjoying these so much! I am pretty sure I am gradually going to collect a few more of these!

Go buy these! At least one shade that you think you will get the most use out of. YOU WILL DEFINITELY ENJOY THIS.

"Venom" Vice Lipstick
I also picked up this Vice Lipstick in Venom that was being offered at Sephora as Beauty Insider Rewards. It is a mini adorable size. I appreciate the fact that they kept the size similar to the full-size even though this was a free lipstick. For last few months I have been constantly talking about “Rupture” from their Revolution lipstick line which has been now discontinued. But they now launched 100 shades in few different formulae. Venom is a very deep plum shade with a lot of fuchsia in cream finish. It’s quite a creamy formula, glides on nicely and is satiny/glossy in appearance. Very opaque in one application! I love me some bold shades but this is not one of my VERY favorite shades! But I will surely wear it happily. This kind of shade looks fabulous with a clean face, good winged liner and lots of lashes. It lasted for hrs. and left an even stain!

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