Friday, February 10, 2017

Becca Mineral Blushes : On Medium Skin Tone :-)

Today I am here with a quick look at all of the Mineral Blushes from Becca Cosmetics! I have all the shades from this line that are available in Sephora and Ulta to show you. I have individual reviews on each of these, I will link them down below. There are 3 additional shades that are only available on Becca website.

If you read through my individual reviews, you will know that I absolutely adore this formula. The shades are to die for and the formula is super fine. It is easy to blend and has incredible staying power. You need a light hand as they are VERY pigmented. These are 32$ for 0.2 oz of product. But I say, the formula and the packaging makes it worth the price point. You can buy these from Sephora, Ulta and Becca Cosmetics. Gypsy, Damselfly and Sweet Pea are 3 additional shades that are only available in Becca website.

If you ask me to choose one to be my #1 it has to be Songbird. Wild Honey and Hyacinth will be close second. I also adore Nightingale and Lantana; they look so pretty on the pan. Flowerchild is the only shade that I feel does not compliment my skin tone that much. 

Here are the shades:

Lantana (Full review here): Very pretty but quite scary-looking reddish orange. I live for blush shades. The formula is so blendable that it makes the color very easy to wear; you just need a little bit of patience and light hand. I don’t wear it often but I love it.

Hyacinth (Full review here): This is one of my very favorite shades from this bunch. It’s a very pretty eye-catching fuchsia, and it immediately brightens up my whole look. I really enjoy this shade.

Nightingale (Full review here): It is a deep mulberry shade. It is a just a bit deeper than what I consider my every-day shade. But I do enjoy wearing this shade with a few particular eye looks.

Flowerchild (Full review here): It is a beautiful pale pink shade with a subtle golden sheen to it. Gorgeous color, but I think it will be better suited for skin tone lighter than me. On my skin tone, it may appear just a bit ashy at times.

Songbird (Full review here):This is my most favorite shade of all these shades. It is quite warm and has a very beautiful peach undertone to it. It also has a very subtle sheen to it. I really adore the shade.

Wild Honey (Full review here): It is a peachy warm nude shade. It does not show up in just one layer on my skin tone. But I love it as an everyday shade, also to layer it other shades!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little review and swatches. Do you own any of these? Do you like them?

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