Thursday, March 10, 2016

Becca LOVE ::: Mineral Blushes in "Wild Honey" and "Songbird" review & swatches!!!

Typically I would buy a beauty product, try it for 3-4 weeks and would post a review within a month or two! But sometimes I totally forget to document my experience with a new product; even though I use it on a regular basis. This typically happens with the products that are not “limited-edition” and can be purchased any time. These two blushes from Becca definitely fell into that “forgotten” category.

However, I pulled these two from my drawer sometime late in January and I am constantly using them since. Obviously they made it to my February Favorites! I remember back in summer ’14, YouTube Vlogger Jaclyn Hill showed “Wild Honey” as one of her favorite blushes; and as expected every Sephora Store and Online inventory went ran out of stock for “Wild Honey”. I also fell for the hype! I opted for the “back in stock“ alert notification and after one or two such notifications I gave in, despite being very aware that it might be too light on my skin tone. But I loved the product so I wanted to try a deeper shade and when Ulta had one of their amazing promotional deals I bought “Songbird”. I want to shamelessly accept that products these purchases were made out of pure yearning for the product. But after using them for a year, I can happily state that I don’t repent my purchases; not at all!

I am an ardent fan of Becca Cosmetics! Every single thing I have tried from them has been simply superb. It is definitely an expensive and luxurious brand, but I personally feel like I am investing my money inn something good; so the price does not hurt me that much! These full-size blushes has 0.2 oz. of products for a price of $32. Becca is easily available in many different stores like Sephora, Ulta and Beautylish (which ships to different countries as well).

Let’s talk about the packaging! Hands down, this is one of my favorite packaging as far as makeup products are concerned. These come in a very cool UFO looking compact with a strong mirror. It’s quite sturdy and it looks professional! The engineer in me is deeply in love with this robust machine looking compact. I always keep a cotton pad in the inside of the compact when I am travelling. Otherwise due to the texture and the formula of the powder they can very easily crack in the event of the slightest shaking.

These are some of the best powder blush formula in the market. Very very heavily pigmented, but extremely blendable, has a luminous glow which is very unique and quite long wearing. Whenever I need my makeup to stay 12 hr. long I opt for these. They are heavily pigmented so it’s always safe to start with applying very light layers; I never had any issue layering and building up the shade up to my liking. I absolutely love the sheen and healthy glow they provide me. I tend to wear one of these when I have heavy and less shimmery eye look or when I am wearing just simple lashes with eye liner and bold lip shade! I also love to wear these when I am feeling extra “meh” and “bored”! These two shades give me that naturally glowy balanced look to my overall appearance, every time!

For some reason, they keep changing the shades in their permanent line from time to time. For example, I remember a beautiful “Barbie pink” permanent shade called “gypsy” but that appears to have been discontinued. Right now they have 6 shades available in Sephora and UltaWild Honey, Songbird, Flowerchild, Lantana, Hyacinth and Nightinagle. The first three are lighter shades and then they come out with 3 vibrant shades for deep skinned beauties. I reviewed Hyacinth here. I absolutely adore that shade, but because it’s a bold color I have to plan my entire look around the blush. Today, however I am going to talk about Wild Honey and Songbird.

Wild Honey: I have already elaborated the unnecessary story on how I got this blush. Becca describes this as a “peachy nude”.  Beautiful shade! It’s very warm; so it’s quite useful in bringing up some color and liveliness in your face without applying tons of bronzer. As you can see it’s a shade that appears to suit pale to medium skin tone. On me, it does not show up in just one application and that kind of dampened my spirit in the very beginning. However after all this time, I have surely changed my mind. I tend to apply 2-3 very light layers and I love how perfect it looks on me applied that way! I have started to wear this as an everyday blush; it’s just that little hint of luxury in the morning :-) On days when I sleep in for an extra half an hr. and just don’t want to put any effort in my makeup, I slightly dust this on the high points of my face and my cheeks! A little lipstick and that’s all I do! I also love using it as a base layer and top it up with some other shade when I am feeling a bit fancy. I use it a lot as a blush topper as well. The powder is so blendable that it makes layering “fun”. I typically pair it with Josie Maran Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape which does not have a lot of pigment but together they create a flattering shade; I absolutely love it.

Songbird: This is peachier and even warmer than Wild Honey with just a little hint of pink. It can also easily described as a “terracotta nude” shade! This one shows up on my skin without any effort. I love to pair this with dark smokey eye looks. As you can see from the swatches these are not matte. They have a very soft shimmer which is buildable in the most flattering way. I have huge pores on my cheeks and these two don’t emphasize my pores at all.

These two blushes are bit similar in shade and you don’t necessarily need both. But again, having said that I also have to share the fact that I use them both interchangeably on a regular basis! So, I definitely don’t regret buying both. But if I must pick one over the other, I think I like Songbird just a little bit more.

Do you have any Becca blushes? Do you adore them like me? I recently ordered a new value set from Ulta. It has a deluxe-size Flower Child. I have been curious about that shade for a long time, so let’s see how it behaves on my skin tone. :-)

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