Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip "Frick 'N Frack" & "The Rabbit" ::: Review and Swatches!!!

I did not buy a single makeup product in last two months but then ColourPop launched their new Ultra Satin Lips. And I could not resist anymore!

2015 was the year of liquid lipsticks. Even though a few brands offered them long before that, they became insanely popular in last year or two! Every company has now come up with their own version of liquid lipsticks. I have tried a few of them from different companies and unfortunately, I have come to a realization that liquid lipsticks and my lips aren’t best of friends :-) So, when ColourPop came with something called “Ultra Satin Lip” I had to try!

The first thing that attracts me to ColourPop is the price range. They are extremely affordable and all their products are at par with their higher end counterparts. They are a cruelty-free company as well. For the price range, their overall packaging is very decent. And they offer free shipping at 30$ which I think is a very, very justifiable amount. All these little qualities has definitely helped me love the brand more :-)

These Ultra Satin Lips are 6$ each for 0.11 oz. of products. I think that’s a great price. ColourPop is only available in their website; Shop Ultra Lips here. When I am travelling home next time, I am definitely picking a few of ColourPop products for gifting purpose :-) The packaging is exactly like their matte ones. It comes in glass tubes with silver lid. The names of the shade and the product are embossed. The applicator is a standard doe-foot one and is quite easy to work with! For 6$, I would not expect more than this. I have heard complaints before that their ultra-matte lipsticks leak from their tube. I have these for about 10 days now and I have not faced such issue, not yet at least.

I bought 2 shades, one for every day and one for those ultra-glam days :-) These are extremely rich in pigment, very easy to apply and quite easy on the lips. They completely dry down like matte lipsticks and therefore they transfer a lot. It will transfer to your clothes or your hand in case it comes in contact with your lips throughout the day. ColourPop have been clear about this in their promotional messages! I have to keep in mind not end up with lipstick marks on my teeth! :-) It also fades around the outer edge just a tiny bit towards the end of the day. But considering all these little aspects that come with a lipstick marked as “Satin”, I am very impressed with its wear time and the comfort it provides. 

Frick N Frack: I don’t know how the name makes me feel! Apparently Frick ‘N Frack were 2 Swiss skaters that came to US in 1937 and performed as Comedy Ice Skaters. Urban dictionary defines “Frick ‘N Frack” as two incompetent, lazy employees that tends to continuously do other things than working, anyway, the name is beside the point :-) This Ultra Satin range has many different nude shades- cool, warm and ever-so-popular brownish nude shades! I am not a crazy fan of this brown lip shades but at the same time I am afraid to try out the lighter, peachier shades that they have. I am not having a lot of luck with my online lipstick purchases lately. Frick ‘N Frack is described as “rosy terracotta”. I see this as a warm mauvey brown which shows up a tad darker on me than in the tube. At first look, it seems same as Kat Von D Lolita but in reality it is a bit darker. I have included side by side swatch. This feels a much thicker on the lips than The Rabbit.

At first I put a little too much on my lips; it took a lot of time to somewhat dry down and felt a bit heavy. You can see how thick it looks on the lips in photo below! But I have learnt my lesson and now I wear just a tiny amount. I love it! As I said, it does dry up like a matte lipstick but it kind of sets after a while and it stays put the entire day. I typically wear my makeup around 6-6.30 am and this stays put for up to 5-6 pm without much dryness. It transfers but because these are so rich in pigment, the color hangs onto your lips with full vibrancy! I do wear lip balm if it gets too dry, but then I risk the pigment being all over my teeth. I have been mixing this with my other liquid lipsticks that are a bit more neon-y and less wearable on their own and I love the custom shades that I can make :-)

The Rabbit: ColourPop have some interesting names in this line :-) This is a vibrant fuchsia and has a gorgeous blue shift to it. It sounds intimidating but the sheen is so subtle and intricate that the lip shade comes off quite glamorous! It is such an interesting shade! I feared it will loop a bit tacky; but no, not at all! I admire people who can unapologetically pull off lip shades that are considered bold and non-conventional. I personally don’t have the courage or the interest on those bold shades. This will be as interesting as it gets for me. It’s super thin in consistency and feels very light. I actually like that it is thin in formula. It makes it quite comfortable to wear without compromising on the color payoff. Wear time with this is also around 8-10 hrs. Towards the end, it gets a bit drier than Frick N Frack. I love this shade, and I glad that it looks flattering on me :-) I added two photos for this one, because I think I look good :-)

If you are not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, these might be worth checking out. They are comfortable, long lasting and overall of great quality, especially for the price range. I am quite enjoying these :-) 

By the way, they sent me a Limited Edition Lippie Stix in Poppin’ as free gift. They brought out this in a matching Limited Edition packaging for recently crossing 2 million followers in Instagram; it’s a pretty bright berry-fuchsia shade in ultra-matte finish! Here is a swatch I also bought a bunch of their super popular shades of Super Shock shadows and I am in love :-) Review will follow soon!

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