Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Favorites ::: March 2016

It is interesting to see how I ended up loving so many products this month. At the very beginning of the month, I sincerely thought I will not have much to talk about! :-) Also, it is quite interesting that this month it’s all about eye shadows and lipsticks!

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Siren (210) Style Eye-Con No.7 Eyeshadow Palette: I completely ADORE this palette. I adore the packaging, I adore the products for its quality and I simply cherish the color shades! This little round pans looks like water color palettes for painting and it sends me back to my childhood and the art classes that I used to enjoy so much. The eyeshadows here are very pigmented, rich and looks very sophisticated on the eyes. The shades in the left side are perfect for creating warm, every everyday looks but for the first half of March I used the blue-green shades on the right left side of the palette; almost every day. This palette inspired me to wear blue in subtle, gentle looks and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I actually wore blue eyeshadows in different techniques to work every single day for an entire week!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette: Another limited-edition palette. I originally bought this for my sister, with her permission to try and post a review (you can check the review here) and now that I am planning to go to India for a vacation, I finally have the chance to hand over the palette to her! And I think I am suffering from separation anxiety :-) Being the evil big sister, I asked her if I can use this few more times :-) I totally remembered why it got so much love from me in the review! If you ask me this is an impeccable travel palette for warm eyeshadow lovers. It has a beige, a medium brown, a chocolate brown and a black; all in matte finishes. It has a few subtle shimmery shades for everyday use and for your pop of color; you have the purple and the blue shade :-) I can easily travel only with this palette and create many different looks! Also, I don’t really tend to use the shimmers as I absolutely love the mattes! I automatically grab for them and don’t even want to use the other shimmery shades! Also the brush included here is quite useful for me.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Gilded Gold: I have no idea how I managed to wear and love so many eye products this month :-) This is an expensive product for me, but I think it’s worth it. I got it in a Birchbox Limited Edition Set last holiday season (reviewed here). I probably would have bought a different shade if I was buying it individually. I still love the shade; gold is a very flattering on my warm skin tone. I however enjoyed this pencil mainly because of the formula. It’s super blendable and looks very glamorous without being over-the-top. It also stays put for 9-10 hrs. I love the packaging and enjoy how easy it is to apply. I am definitely going to check out other shades in this range!

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in Boy Band, Mooning and Stereo: I have professed my love for these ColourPop shades a few days ago! I cannot simply understand how they are able to offer such a long-lasting, high quality eyeshadow at such an affordable rate while still being cruelty free. And I simply enjoy the ease of application with these shades. Boy Band is my most favorite shade out of these three, check my detailed review here

Let’s talk about the lipsticks J

Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother: Along with the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, this is another product that I bought for my sister. Hence I am wearing it here and there before I give it to her :-) (Keep in mind she lives in India which makes it impossible to exchange beauty products frequently) I love this everlasting liquid lipstick formula; it does not horribly dry up my lips and is very easy and comfortable to apply without even needing a lip liner. Mother is a soft pink which is very wearable on an everyday basis.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips in Frick ‘N Frack and The Rabbit: These are the some of the new products that I loved this month. They are super creamy but they stay on my lips with full vibrancy throughout the day. I wear Frick N Frack on an everyday basis and The Rabbit on those days when I am craving for some colors, It’s is such a unique shade.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom and Lakme Love Lipstick in Passion Fruit: Okay, I don’t like these two lipsticks on their own. The Tarte one appears patchy on my severe dry lips and Lakme now appears is little too shimmery and brown for my taste. But together I absolutely love it! I apply Lakme one first and then layer with Tarte. The creaminess of Tarte brings down the appearances of the shimmer and melts in with it to give me a beautiful my-lips-but-better shade on my lips for the whole day. It also makes my lip look healthy!

I hope you enjoyed the favorite post for this month :-) All my monthly favorites can be found here. I am looking forward to April as it is going to be a different month for me make up wise and I am very curious to know what makeup items from my stash accompanies me during this different month :-) 

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