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Review and Swatches of deep, rich "04-Dark Matte" Eyeshadow Palette from Viseart!!!

Over these past few days I have been trying to come up with the perfect opening line to this post – something that can right away tell how much I have been loving the ”04-Dark Matte“ palette from ViseartBefore we start digging deeper, here is what you need to know about the brand-
  • Viseart Cosmetics’ roots lie in the trend setting Marais District of Paris.
  • It is an artisan brand with products created keeping professional makeup artists in mind.
  • The founding partners’ revolutionary sustainable approach fuses quality with integrity and innovation to build a quality health-conscious makeup line.
  • Their products are made without petroleum, parabens, silicons, butylene, glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates or artificial dyes.
  • Viseart is cruelty-free; they don’t test on animals

There are a few 12-shade palettes that Viseart offers; each with a particular color scheme. They have Cool Mattes, Neutral Mattes, Bridal Satins and so forth! They retail at a regular price of $80 for a total 0.84 oz. of products. It definitely seems like a high cost but let’s compare the price with some similar products in the market.


Price and Size
Price per oz. ($)
MAC single pan
10$ for 0.04 oz.
Makeup Geek single pan
$6 for 0.064 oz.
IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Vol. 1 palette
$42 for 0.456 oz.
Urban Decay Naked Original palette
$54 for 12x0.05 oz.
Viseart 12-shade palette
$80 for 0.84 oz.

As you can see, it’s definitely of good value when you compare the size of the product you are getting. I consider it a good investment, personally for me! You can buy Viseart products from SephoraMuse BeautyFrends Beauty and Beautylish. Even though I think $80 is a justifiable price for the quality, I will still advise you to wait for some sale (e.g., Sephora’s 20% off VIB sale or Holiday Gift Card for beauty insiders, Frends Beauty also has sales frequently)!

The packaging is very neat and is made of sturdy plastic material. The lid is clear which makes it easier to see the shades inside. There is no mirror but that makes sense because these were built compact and easy-to-work-with in a professional environment for makeup artists. A mirror would have come in handy for an everyday user like me but other than that I love the no-nonsense type of packaging.

Ok, finally we are at the most exciting part of the review. The eyeshadows itself! I love colorful shadows and all these shades are very beautiful on their own. However, together in one single palette they are just stunning to look at! I have never seen such a peculiar assortment of gorgeous shades like these in a single palette before. That’s why this particular palette immediately caught my attention when I first became aware of the brand and I am happy to report that I have not been let down by this.

The blendability of these shadows is unbelievable. Being so rich in pigment I thought they will need a bit of blending! But no; you put them on your eyes, it takes 5 seconds to blend yet they don’t blend away or vanish unlike a few highly blendable shadows from different brands. For this reason it is easier to layer one color on top of the other and create custom shade. For the first look down here, I put at least 4 layers of 2-3 shadows and all of them still maintained their own strength and vibrancy. Also because of the ease in blendebility I can easily control the intensity of the color I want! That makes it so much easier to incorporate these shades into my everyday work-appropriate look. I have been testing this palette for 2-3 months now and I have to say that I can create many different looks with this palette itself. From time to time I have used lighter shade from other palette to blend out the crease area but I have to emphasize that I can easily use this palette alone to create wearable or vibrant looks. Staying power of these shadows depends on how you apply it. When I wear them to work, I often apply thin layers to get less-rich pigmentation and I have noticed that it starts to fade ever so gracefully after 6-7 hrs. of wear! That is pretty normal. However whenever I wear them in heavy layers it stays on for 10-12 hrs. e.g., for the first look shown here I applied my makeup at noon and after a busy day of cleaning the house, a dinner with a friend and 1-2 hrs. in the kitchen the eyeshadows maintained their rich pigmentation and vibrancy till I removed my makeup around 1 am at night :-)

The colors don't have individual names hence I am going to name them myself. It helps me to describe them a bit better plus it’s fun that way :-)

1-Warm Brown: Very beautiful slightly warm brown. Very smooth and easy to blend.
2-Cool Brown: This is another brown but it is slightly cooler and deeper than 1. Same consistency and same “ease” to work with!
3-Muted Red-Brown: Gorgeous warm but very deep muted red-brown. These reddish shades on the right top corner look really similar especially when applied on the eyes. I love it all.
4-Warm Orangey-Red-Brown: I love this type of warm reddish brown! Very lovely crease shade, I particularly love to pair them with dark shades like navy blue, grey and purples. It brings so much warmth and vibrancy to the eyes!

5-Muted Purple: The purples in this palette are very deep and muted. It’s not very vibrant and I like it because with a little bit of tweaking, I can easily make them wearable to work!
6-Muted Eggplant: This is a tad bit brighter & more purple and I like it a tad bit more than 3. All these five shades are very consistent in formula and texture.
7-Brilliant Orange: Beautiful shade. Orange works as gorgeous substitute for crease in place of everyday brown or taupes. This shade is a bit dry and rough to touch and a bit gritty! However on the crease it works just fine. I LOVE, love this shade on the crease!
8-Burnt Red Orange: This is a shade that’s meant for me! These type of shade looks quite flattering on my skin tone. Very smooth and so very easy to blend.

Although I love every single shade in here, I am a bit biased towards this row! It has the “blues” – what more could I want!

9-Midnight Blue: An atypical shade of blue. This easily satiates my crave to wear blue eyeshadow on a daily basis :-) I sound like a broken record but I am a die-hard fan of blue eyeshadows and I always want to wear them. These two here are very muted and hence it’s easier to wear around the outer V without looking too much glam for every day wear :-)
10-Deep Denim Blue: Another beautiful shade. It has more darkness and black in it than 9. They look very different on the swatch however upon application on the eyes; they don’t show drastic difference. In any case, I love both of these. This shade feels a bit gritty just like 7.
11-Everyday Emerald: This shade has so pleasantly shocked me. I love wearing colorful shades; apart from my generic interest in green as a colorful shade, I don’t feel particularly excited about it and automatically assumed that this will be just an ‘ok’ shade. But I have to accept that I am picking these more than the blues. It has such gorgeous pigment to it! Every single swipe and you get a beautiful shade of green, it’s like a stripped down version of a gorgeous shimmery emerald. It is a beautiful shade and muted enough to wear on the crease.
12- Pukey Green: :-) Another surprise favorite! I don’t believe I have a similar shade in my collection. Basically I never knew I would like it. I have been pairing it with all the other shades in here especially on the inner part of the lid.

Here are few looks I did with this palette; this one above being my absolute favorite. I put 9-Midnight Blue on the outer corners deepened with 10-Deep Denim Blue on the very outer corner11-Everyday Emerald on center of the lid and 1-Warm Brown3-Muted Red-Brown as transition shades on the crease. I also added a bit of 6-Muted Eggplant on the lower lash line.

If I have to mention any flaws in this palette, I would say that being a “dark matte” palette it needed a black shade. It also needed a lighter transitional skin-tone shade to blend out the crease a bit more! That would have made this my perfect matte-palette. However, Viseart has another palette called "Neutral Mattes" and it has all the crease shade along with black and brown in it. So I can understand why they did not include a black.

I bought this palette at a reduced price during Sephora’s VIB Sale few months back and I am really enjoying it. Over the past few years of my beauty addiction I have come to a realization that even though I absolutely enjoy wearing glittery-shimmery shades, my true joy lies with the mattes. I fell in love with the Naturally Pretty Matte Vol 1 from IT Cosmetics two years back and it is still a Holy Grail palette. I am pretty sure this Dark Matte palette is also going to be a must-have staple piece in my makeup collection.

If you love dark, rich shades like me go, grab this palette! You would not repent it :-)

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