Sunday, December 4, 2016

BECCA Mineral Blush ::: Review and Swatches of "Lantana" & "Nightingale"!!!

Ulta had this amazing deal back in September when they offered the mineral blushes from Becca Cosmetics at just 16$ :-) The regular price for the blushes are 32$. I just could not resist the temptation and bought “Lantana” as well as “Nightingale”. I am so happy that I now have all mineral blush shades that Becca offers on Sephora and Ulta.

I am already a big fan of this formula so my review today will be short and simple. I am also going to prepare a round-up post sharing swatches of all 6 shades. Stay tuned for that!

Availability: You can buy these from Sephora, Ulta and Becca Cosmetics. Gypsy, Damselfly and Sweet Pea are 3 additional shades that are only available in Becca website.

Price & Product: The full-size blush comes with 0.2 oz. and will cost you $32. That is definitely a pricier blush to consider. But for me it is absolutely worth it! These are very pigmented so you don’t really need a lot of product per use. I have been using Wild Honey and Songbird (reviewed here) for quite some time now and I still don’t see any dent in either! If you are interested in these blushes my advice for you is to keep an eye out for deals in Ulta. Every once in a while, they have some excellent promotional offers!

Packaging: Without doubt, this is one of the coolest looking blush compact. It definitely looks worth 32$. I avoid travelling with these as much as possible. But if I do travel, I always put a cotton pad on top of the powder, in order to minimize any vibration that can cause crack in this very delicate powder. The only issue I have is that the all compacts are exactly similar from outside. I wish they had some kind of color coordination indicator on the compact itself.

Formula: This is one of the best powder blush formula in the market. Very heavily pigmented, but extremely blendable, has a luminous glow which is very unique and quite long wearing. Texture wise these are powder blushes and the formula is very smooth and velvety to touch and when applied, it gives a beautiful healthy satin-y look to your cheeks. As a dry skin girl, I love this formula! They are so pigmented that I have to be cautious and patient while applying. Especially with these bright shades! I like to use a light fluffy blush brush, just very slightly touch the blush, swirl at the back of my hand and then apply. If needed I will go back and use another one or two layers! Like I already stated, these are UTTERLY pigmented, so you can get the color with just one application but with this strong pigmentation it is safer to slowly and patiently build up the color you want! In the pictures, here, I typically put on a heavy layer so it would be easier the pictures can easily show the shade! It does blend beautifully and has a very long lasting staying power; when I wash my face at night I can still see some color on! When I wear these shades, my overall makeup revolves around the blush shades. Not ideal for busy days but I don’t care! Bright, bold colors are my absolute favorite in makeup and I cannot be happier with all these blushes.

Shades: Both Lantana and Nightingale are extremely scary to look at the pan. They are so bright and bold that you automatically assume they are very unwearable. They can be if you are hasty with your application. But don’t worry, just be patient and start with light layers and then build up!

Lantana is described as an ultra poppy crimson on Ulta website and it perfectly describes the shade. Upon application, it does not appear as poppy as on the pan and it actually works for my benefit.
Nightingale is described as a deep mulberry. It is a gorgeous deep every-day shade. There are a few shades I consider my fool proof every day blush color like Clinique Fig Pop (reviewed here), Bobbi Brown Sand Pink (reviewed here) . Nightingale is just a bit deeper. Very lovely shade!

I have medium olive skin tone so I can easily wear these shades. I am almost sure that you also can wear these shades even if you have skin tones much lighter than me. But your skin tone is deeper than these will look so damn beautiful on you :-)! You NEED to try these.  

I love Becca products; almost all the products I have tried has been very good to me? What’s your thought on these blushes?

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