Saturday, December 24, 2016

7 Days of Glitter with Arrru ::: Day 1 "All-over-the-lid Glitter"

"7 days of Glitter" - This phrase has been bugging me from Christmas last year! I don't know why and how I got to "7 days" but it seemed so much fun! I intended to do it last year, but could not manage enough time, but this year I AM going to do it. During this last few days leading up to the new year eve, I am going to share 7 diffirent looks that will incorporate glitter on my eyes, in some form! I don’t really get much chance to wear glitters these days! So, this mini-series is going to be a wonderful excuse to pull out the glitters from my collection :-) Plus, new year is coming; Christmas is already here, we all need little bit of glitter in our lives! 

Let’s start with a look that is simple and a bit subtle. It is a very easy look even if you are just a beginner with makeup or with glitters. By the way, if you are looking for some beginner friendly glitter eyeshadow, Colourpop super shock shadows are the best! They are super easy to use, very affordable and have wonderful staying power! Anyway, I am drifting away from today's look.

It is an everyday glam look! I used neutral shades for my entire look, but you can wear this eye look with any shades; actually bold & bright shades of lipstick or a brave, fun shade of blush really flatters this kind of eye looks!

These are the products I am wearing in this eye-look –

Step-by-step approach to the eye-look: 

  1. Mac Painterly Paint Pot in Layin’ Low as the primer all over the lid extending above the crease area. 
  2. Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Crème Brulee on the crease just to define it. This shade is almost identical to my skin tone.
  3. Buxom eyeshadow in Filthy Rich on the outer corner to create more depth.
  4. ME-700 (Amber) from Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Vol. 2! This is a gold shade but I just lightly patted it over the lid. I made sure not to put a heavy layer because these shadows are quite pigmented!
  5. This is my most favorite part. I applied a very, very light, evenly distributed layer of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy eyeliner over my lid making. I took precaution not to get the glitter above or near my crease! I love these glitter liners from Urban Decay! I love how easy it is to apply, how easy it is to control to get any level of intensity you want and you really don’t need any glitter glue. I am definitely using it again throughout these seven days.
  6. This look would really look nice with a simple liner, but I am a huge fan of winged liner. :-) I used Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper.
  7. Lakme Kajol Eyeliner on my water line.
  8. This is an unnecessary step but I have been really enjoying wearing something on my lower lash line. I used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Plum and smudged it.
  9. I used Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Blacquer and Loreal Volumnous Carbon Black mascara.

If you are interested here are the other products on my face.
I hope this is somewhat interesting and exciting for you. I do not have any major plan this holiday season, so this mini series will keep me busy. Come back for tomorrow's look!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Eve.

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