Sunday, December 25, 2016

7 Days of Glitter with Arrru ::: Day 2 "Simple Glitter Eyeliner"

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you are having fantastic times with your friends & family and they brought you all the gifts you wanted! :-) I have another simple look for you today! I paired a glitter eyeliner with must-have holiday red lips! To check all 7 looks from this mini -series click here. I am actually having a lot of fun with this :-)

Today’s look is great for a simple office party or for a little glam during Christmas-day get together. I mean, you can wear it any day of the year when want to glam up and yet don’t want put in a lot of effort. It is such a simple look to look-at and to apply; It just needs a little bit of patience and control! I used the loose glitter pigments from Makeup Geek here, but I wished I would have discovered the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter liner at that time. It would have made my life so much easier.

These are the products I am wearing in this eye-look –

Step-by-step approach to the eye-look: The look essentially starts out the same way like yesterday’s (see here).

  1. Mac Painterly Paint Pot in Layin’ Low as the primer
  2. Sunset from IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette on the crease just to define it.
  3. Java from IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette on the outer corner to further deepen that definiton.
  4. Stila All Day Waterproof eyeliner to draw a comparatively thicker winged liner. 
  5. Once the eyeliner dries down, use a thin eyeliner brush to add a bit of glitter glue over the inner part of the winged eyeliner. I use Makeup Geek Utopia Pigment and just a drop of Mac Fix+ to get a liquid consistency out of the pigment. Once the glitter glue is bit tacky, I used the same eyeliner brush to draw the glitter eyeliner over the inner part of the eyeliner. I stopped at about 2/3rd of my eyeliner. I want the tail of my wing to still be black. Basically, you get an ombre liner that goes from glitter to completely black.
  6. Touch in Sol mascara to get good defined length on my lashes. Lashes are very important for this look! :-)
The rest of the face is simple. It is a fun and yet simple look when you pair it with a bold lip. I wore this look last Christmas and my choice of lipstick shade will always be red. Here are the products I used on my face.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop, just a little bit on my cheeks as blush.

This is one of my staple go-to looks. Whenever I don’t know what kind of makeup I want, but I do have a few spare seconds to get ready I tend to wear this look. It is effortless but  very put-together! Don’t worry guys, I enjoy drama on my eyes as well and I am going to share some quite fun and playful look with glitter as well. Do come back for tomorrow's look!

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