Monday, December 26, 2016

7 Days of Glitter with Arrru ::: Day 3 "Soft Halo Glitter"

I did this look a few months back and I forgot to take a flatlay picture with the products I used on my face that day! Now, I am having a lot of trouble remembering them :-( Luckily, I do remember the glitter I used. It was Touch In Sol’s Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in "Margaret". It is a fantastic product to use – super glittery and offers very convenient application.

The look today is not a whole lot different in application than the look on Day 1 (see here), only the glitter intensity and its placement varies!  Below are the products I am wearing in this eye-look –

Step-by-step approach to the eye-look:
  1. Mac Painterly Paint Pot in Layin’ Low as the primer
  2. Like I said, I forgot what matte shades I used in this look. But I am going to refer to similar shades for the tutorial and I hope that’s ok!
  3. Makeup Geek Crème Brule on the crease to get a little bit of definition.
  4. Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear on the crease, with a little bit of intensity and on the outer corner as well. This step is for curving out the socket and to give it a rounder look.
  5. Makeup Geek Corrupt - just lightly on the very, very outer corner to create more depth. This step needs a bit control because a pigmented black shade can quickly ruin the look. The trick is to go in with very light layer, and add more if you want your outer corner to look more dark. 
  6. Here is the fun part of this look. This Touch in Sol metallist shadows comes in two separate parts. I used the liquid side to pat on over my lid – from inner corner to 2/3rd of the lid. The other side is nice, heavy chunks of glitter. I applied it mainly over the center of my lid. Once I am done with this step, I can see that the borders where the glitters meet the liquid shadows in the inner corner and the dark matte shades on the outer corner are a bit rough. It is very easy to fix, I just go in with the matte shades with a very light layer to blend those edges and make them appear more cohesive.  
  7. Yes, I drew another winged eyeliner… he he! I cannot seem to get away from those. I used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof eyeliner in Black.
  8. I added just a touch of Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear under my lower lash liner to warm it up a little bit. I also applied a black creamy eyeliner on the lower water-line and to tight-line my upper lash line as well.
  9. A good heavy coat of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. I think I used Touch in Sol mascara. I loved this mascara.

I don’t remember what I used on the rest of my face. But it is quite simple! Foundation, concealer, little bit of blush, generously applied bronzer plus highlighter and a very pretty muted rosy shade on the lips – that’s about it! If you are interested, click here to see all 7 looks of this mini-series.

Did you have a good time with friends and family over Christmas? I hope you did and I hope it is off time for you for the rest of the year. I, however have to go back to work for 3 days! But that's ok, I am not going to whine about it! Ha ha!

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