Thursday, December 29, 2016

7 Days of Glitter with Arrru ::: Day 6 "Glitter Cut Crease & a Star"

These last 2 days in #7DaysofGlitterwithArrru series are very glittery, festive and perfect for New Year Eve! These two definitely are my most favorite out of the 7! Do come back for tomorrow’s look!

I have never tried cut-crease look before today. And to make things more complex, I added glitter with cut-crease. I was actually inspired by @heathervenere on Instagram and tried to replicate one of her looks. Everything went on smoothly; I was actually doing quite good till I finished the cut-crease portion of it. But when I added the glitter, it was not sharp and did not land right on the crease :-) I was either too hasty in my application or my focus was somewhere else. I could have removed it and re-do the glitter but I am too lazy! Plus, I had fun in spite of the mistake! And for me that is the most important aspect when I am doing my makeup! :-)

Below are the products I am wearing in this eye-look –

Step-by-step approach to the eye-look:
  1. As always, MAC paint pot in Layin Low as primer.
  2. Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Crème Brulee on the crease just to get an even canvas for the matte shades that will follow.
  3. Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Cupcake with a very light hand, starting on the same area where I put Crème Brulee. I extend it significantly higher from my crease.
  4. Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Morocco with a little bit of heavier hand on the same area as Cupcake. Using these many different shades ensures that there is a nice gradient of color from the crease towards the brows.
  5. I take an angled eyebrow brush to use Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Cocoa Bear. I start with a light hand to draw the cut-crease line. This is basically where your eye-lid folds upwards.
  6. I added a very light neutral-gold shade on the entire lid just with a light hand. I forgot which shade I used – I think something from the Urban Decay Naked palette.
  7. Once I am done with this, I take a closer look and go in with a rounder brush with little bit Cocoa Bear and Morocco to blend upwards. The goal here is to achieve perfect blending above the crease line. But the line on the crease has to cut quite sharp! Hence the name cut-crease! I hope I am making sense. To get the line just a bit more sharper, I used Java from IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette I go over the cut-crease with that angled eyebrow brush I used before. I am going to put glitter over it anyway, so it is not an absolutely necessary step.
  8. After this, I added the glitters. This is where I kind of messed up! :-) But anyway, this step was very easy in theory! I just needed to go over the cut-crease line with the Urban Decay Heavy Glitter liner. I could not maintain a steadfast hand and my glitter liner got a little messy! I hope your’s is way prettier than mine :-)
  9. I used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to draw a nice, thick winged eyeliner.
  10. Lakme Kajol Liner to tighline my upper and lower lash-line.
  11. Used a little bit of Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Cocoa Bear under my lower lash-line.
  12. I forgot to picture the mascaras here but I was probably using Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Marc Jacobs O!Mega Mascara! Feel free to use false lashes, it will look really pretty!
  13. The star under the lower lash line is a last minute addition. Obviously I got inspired by the makeup on Perrie Edwards Music Video.
Sorry for too many photos, but I really loved this look!
As for the other items on my face, I kept the look quite neutral! Here are the products -

I absolutely love how it turned out. If a have a sudden New Year Eve plan, this is what I am going to wear and may be not mess up the glitter liner this time around! He he!

Tomorrow is the last look in this series and it is the most glamorous all-out look! You can check all the looks here!

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