Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 9

The final empties post this year. I sure did good on skincare products- used up a crap ton of products. But makeup-wise, I did not not that good. I don't wear makeup every day but I sure do buy a lot! Ha ha! By the way, my flatlay this time is not super precise. I was running out of patience, apparently! 

Here are the products:

Tata Harper Purifying Mask: Unfortunately forgot to take a photo of this. I got a sample size in Sephora Favorites "Scouted by Sephora" set some time back. The first time I put it on, I was ecstatic. I love Face Masks; there is no doubt about it. There are masks that I like, there are masks that I simply LOVE! But I have never been literally “BLOWN AWAY” by a mask just after using it once. But this one left me feeling so damn hood. I has a minty feel to it. Once I washed it off, my skin felt so VERY clean as if it has been swept off of the heavy layer of dirt on my face. As if a heavy layer of impurity has been gone away!! And that clean feeling remained up to at least till the mid-afternoon of the next day. I saved it to apply on the day before my sister’s wedding ceremony! She applied it too and liked it! So with this tiny jar, I was able to pinch it for 3 usage and 1 use on my sister. The feeling on the 3rd time has not been as wowed as it has been the first time. I was debating if I want to repurchase but I finally bought a value set.
Earth’s Nectar Hair Care Scalp Oil: Nothing exciting about this hair oil. I will rather stick to my trusted coconut hair oil for overnight massage.
Ole Henriksen Nurture Me™ Cleansing Cloths: Makeup Removing: I enjoyed these wipes. It was easy on the skin, did not dry it out and took a great deal of makeup from my face. I am definitely open to repurchase but I am trying to cut back on makeup remover wipes as much as I can. So, we shall see!
Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches: I enjoyed using it. It definitely helped me tackle the tiredness but I am not excited enough to invest in a full-size packet.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser: I was cleaning out my bathroom and I found this. I perhaps got this when I first bought my Clarisonic Mia 2 cleanser. I remembered liking it back then! It has about 1/3rd left to finish but I tossing it away. I have other cleansers that I like more, so I would not repurchase.
Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads For Face and Body: This is a exfoliator scrub that can be used both on face and body. I tried it on my face and it did perform OK as an face wash/mild exfoliator. I have dry skin and I am yet to find my perfect exfoliator. But this was OK. I, however used it primarily on my back. I have had acne issues before, it has subsided now. But, I do believe this did help in clearing out my dry, itchy skin without irritating my skin.
Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel: I got this some time back in a PTR Set. This is an excellent peeling gel; I can actually feel all my dead skin peeling off when I use it! Very, very effective! My skin feels smooth without any dryness or itchiness at all! I loved it so much that I already bought 2 backups. The regular-size comes with a steep price. So, I scored two travel size one at 5$ each when PTR website had a tremendous sale :-)
Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Everybody loves Caudalie Beauty Elixir! And I do too! I have written a whole long blogpost on some of the Caudalie product here. I love its strong but very refreshing smell! And I love, love the thin and stylish bottle. This is probably the 3rd travel-size bottle I finished, I finally went ahead and invest in a full-size one. It is expensive for a facial spray but I don’t use it every day! I feel fancy whenever I use it and we sure do deserve to feel fancy from time to time.
Cartier La Panthere sample vile: I finished this so it’s here. But it too strong of a scent for me.
Victoria's Secrets Heavenly Eau De Parfum: I got this in a set about 2 years back; I don’t know what I was thinking but my taste has certainly matured. This is sweet, young scent. I was happy to use it up. I mainly used it when I was home and did not want to use my expensive perfumes :-) I would not repurchase.
Bite Agave Lip Mask Sample: I got this as sample with some order from Sephora. It came with 3 different flavors and I gave one of them to my sister. But the rest took so long to use up! I am not going to purchase a full-size one but I did enjoy the sample.
Tarte Maracuja Oil: I really liked this when I first bought it. I bought and used up a full-size one too! But I no longer enjoy it. So, I am not going to repurchase.  
L’Occitane Almond Smoothing and Beautifying Supple Skin Oil: I got this sample a long time ago, but I don’t know what took me so long to try this! I love it, for the most part. It is a very rich oil, but it is smooth and very, very moisturizing. It is actually excellent for my sry skin in the harsh winter. I like the smell but at times it just a bit too sweet and thick for me. I will definitely repurchase if I can find a good value set. Otherwise, not. 

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau De Toilette & Body Lotion: This is a fragrance so close to my heart. One of my best friends gifted this to me after his first onsite visit. IT was kind of the first luxury perfume I used, so it holds a special place in my heart. I like the clean, crisp lightly flowery note! The perfume does not linger the whole day though, may be just for half of the day. I still love it. it is a fragrance I can wear every day without getting bored. This was the second full size bottle I finished. I will definitely prepurchase some day! Right now I have way too many perfumes to finish up.
The body lotion is perfect too! Its cooling, and quite moisturizing :-)

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE): Ok, so I finished up this travel size bottle. Do you know how much this tiny bottle costs? $ - that’s freaking expensive! I got this from Influenster free of cost for review purpose. Anyway, I have mentioned several times here that I went home in last October, and the heat, humidity and other personal stress as well as excitement of my sister’s wedding left my skin with a lot of issues. I had big acnes, tiny whiteheads and my skin, overall became quite bumpy! I stopped wearing makeup for about 2-3 weeks after I returned. During that my body somewhat got used to the cold weather here back again and then I started using this. I religiously follow their instructions of using it twice on clean skin. I also minimized the number of products I was using in my routine.it took me about 2 months (give or take 1-2 weeks). Here is my thought – this is one of the products whose effect is not visible immediately. It is kind of like the Hourglass powders :-) You don’t see much of a difference immediately but you can surely tell there is an improvement on your overall makeup look. I found this FTE to be similar. I noticed that my skin overall was getting much smoother. Whenever I was applying my moisturizer or washing my face, I could feel that my skin’s texture has improved a lot. At least those little rough and bumpy areas were gone! I also noticed a very subtle glow like my dull skin now had a life. It however, did nothing for my acnes. Situation with the whiteheads has not improved drastically as well. I did repurchase a full-size with a bonus card I got from Sephora and I am eager to see if I will still like it after I use up the bigger size.!
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask: I used this just after I started including the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in my skincare routine. Sheet masks are supposed to be convenient but not all of them offers me that. This however was good. I mean, it stayed perfectly on my face. I kept it on for 20-15 minutes. It absorbed completely and I did not feel the need to wash off my face afterwards. A few other sheet masks I have tried makes me feel that way. Also, there were so much essence left on the packet itself that I was able to use it the next day for one proper layer on my face. This single sheet retails for 17$. This is such a crazy price, I sincerely think for that price one application should provide an immediately noticeable results, but at the same time I know that it is almost stupid to expect miraculous difference from just one application. I liked it, my skin did look refreshed and alive but it was definitely not worth 17$. I am not disappointed but I am not going to repurchase. Full disclosure: I got this from Influenster free of cost for review purpose.

Lakme Eyeliner: I actually finished it long time ago, but for some reason never managed to put in my empties post and throw away. I enjoyed it when I had it but I am not going to repurchase. I have way too many black eyeliner that I need to finish first.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel: The Clean On Me Shower Gel has a moisturizing product in built so it’s definitely feels moisturizing. It has the typical Soap & Glory signature sweet smell to it which I really enjoy! It is a good shower gel and I do have another bottle to go through that I will happily finish that up. But I don't think I will be repurchasing as I do love some other shower gels more than this, Check my detailed review here
Origins Precipitation Continuous Moisture Recovery for Body: I cannot believe how fast I went through this tube. I still have a little bit of left, may be a day or two’s usage. It’s a very clean moisturizer. It did a good job, because I have impossible dry skin so I tend to pile on layers of moisturizer. No matter how much I applied of this body lotion, it seemed to absorb very easily and quickly. I am not sure if I will repurchase as I do have a lot of moisturizer to go through.
RE-NU Contact Lens Solution: For a contact lens wearer like me, this is a must-have. I buy it in bulk from Costco :-)
Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula: I have reviewed this product here. This is one of my HOLY-GRAIL products. I cannot do without this oil, especially during the winter! And when winter lasts 8 months a year, it's a savior :-) At this point, I have lost count of how many bottles I have gone through. I am pretty sure I am gonna need many more.

Cannot wait to finish up way more products in 2017!

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