Wednesday, December 28, 2016

7 Days of Glitter with Arrru ::: Day 5 "Simple & Sophisticated Glitter"

Today is Day 5 of my little series here on the blog. You can catch the previous looks here... Today’s look is extremely similar to the first look I posted here, in application. However, this glitter I used here is much more sophisticated and subtle! I absolutely love wearing this to any events where I do want look polished and glamorous but do not want to put on makeup that appears pure makeup-y!

I am using the shade “Penny Jar” from Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London The Smouldering Eye Palette (I have a detailed review here). I absolutely love this shade. I wear it to my office parties! The micro mini glitters in this shade are multi-color over a base color of taupe; it shines so beautifully under different lights, even under crappy office lights! Plus, it is a pressed powder eyeshadow, you don’t really need to deal with the hassle of working with loose glitters and glitter glue! I am sure you all have a pretty underrated shade like Penny Jar in your collection. Also, I was not able to capture the beauty of the glitter on the photos, it look way better in person!

Below are the products I am wearing in this eye-look –

Step-by-step approach to the eye-look:
  1. For this look, I did not use too many eyeshadows. I used a little bit of Blondie on the crease and Amaretto on my outer V for helping the glitter shades to blend but Penny Jar is so beautiful and neutral it does not really need a lot of help from other matte shades. Anyway, I like to use my fingertips to pat the color on the lid. I need 2 to 3 layers to cover my entire lid. 
  2. Because I was trying to make it more wearable I added a shorter wing for my liner. 
  3. A generous coat of mascara on both my upper and lower and that’s all I needed to finish off my eye look!

Here are the other products on my face: 

For my office work party, I typically pair this with red lipstick but for this look I was itching to see how a deeper, vampire shade pairs with this glitter eyeshadow. I love the outcome :-) I know my skin appears a little bit dry here, I wished I had used Smashbox Primer Water before putting on my foundation.

I will be back tomorrow with another look :-)

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