Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette ::: Review & Swatches ||| Holiday 2016

I first tried the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light sometime back in June this year and I have become a big fan. I recently got a gift card from Sephora and could not resist the temptation for this beautiful palette. This is called Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette! Hourglass had a released a similar palette before but I did not like the shades included. This one however had some beautiful deep-er shades that had the potential to suit a lot of different skin tones. 

But unfortunately, I had to return it! To know why, do keep reading!!

Availability: You can buy it from Sephora here. If I am not wrong, it is a Sephora Exclusive. Luckily, it is still available at the time I share the blog post.

Price: Hourglass is a luxury brand! Unsurprisingly they have quite expensive price tag. Personally, I think that the gorgeous yet practical packaging with even better product definitely proves that the price is worth it. For me, it’s the “feel-good” factor that counts the most. Every time I use it, I feel like a little princess; even for just a second!

The palette will cost you $62 for a total of 3x0.09 oz. of products. A regular size of their permanent blush will cost you $38 for 0.15 oz. of powders. Per my rough calculations, you have about 6-7$ of saving!

Packaging: Without any shred of doubt in my mind, I can state that Hourglass makes one of the very best exquisite looking products. And I am sure that any beauty lover would agree with me. Especially their palettes are just SPECTACULAR to look at! Apart from their Ambient Light Edit Palette from this year, this is the signature look for their palettes. My only gripe is that they can easily catch finger marks but I can ignore that. They are quite sturdy for travelling. Also, can you talk about how beautiful the actual product is? Their ambient powders are swirled together with the colored pigments and the final result is some cool looking marbled product on the pan! I absolutely LOVE it! 

Formula: This is what I found in Sephora website about the formula - “A limited-edition blush palette with the illuminating effects of Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder fused with blush pigments for glowing color and a natural-looking, radiant finish.From what I understood, this is a new formula; they mixed their blush shades with the strobe highlighting formula they released earlier this year. My brain completely ignored to registrar that! Basically, this formula has way more “luminosity” in this. Their ambient powders are known for how subtle and natural they are; subtle but very effective! But these are very shimmery. I do like that the shimmer particles are still very, very minuscule, but there is a lot of it! They put more of the strobe powder than the blush pigment and that is where I have the issue! Looking at the shades, I thought they will show up on my skin without much struggle. But apart from the “Brilliant Nude” shade, the other two shades look pretty frosty on me. Especially when I first apply it. After 3-4 hours, it sank in and looked much more natural, and I definitely liked that look! But I still did not think it will be something I would be eager to wear. I ended up returning it. However, I do think that this palette will be beautiful if you have light to semi-medium skin with very smooth, less porous cheeks :-) I have lots of acne scars and pores on my cheeks so I fear that this will highlight all the things I don’t want to highlight. If you have skin tone similar to mine or deeper these are not going to show up that nicely!

They are pretty easy to use, blend and they do have a wear-time of at least 7-8 hrs. So apart from the extra shimmer in it, I do really like the formula.

Shades: They look so, so PRETTY! If I had extra 62 bucks lying around, I would have kept the palette just as a show piece. They just look so beautiful!

Incandescent Electra: This is a shade that is present in their permanent blush line. But the formula in this might be different. Anyway, this is a beautiful neon type coral shade; neon but subtle! However, I can’t really wear it just as a blush. Too frosty for me! I did wear it as a highlighter on the picture and I liked it. But I do have a lot of highlighters already!
Brilliant Nude: This is the shade I liked the most. Mainly because it showed on my cheek very nicely. It is quite flattering! Especially when I want to have just a simple look but I do want to look healthy and glowing this is the shade I will pick up! I love it.
Euphoric Fusion: Another shade that disappointed me. Looking at the pan I thought this is going to be flattering on me without any doubt. But nope! Lot of frostiness!

Because these are marbled product, not every palette will come with the same ratio of strobe highlighting powder to blush pigments. I think my palette came with more highlighter than blush. Out of the 3 shades, 2 were almost unwearable for me. So, I had to return it!

Bottom line, I do not recommend this palette if you have skin tone that is similar to mine or deeper. I also don’t recommend if you have problematic cheek area, like me! :-) But if you do have really nice smooth skin and if you have pale to light-medium skin tone, this will be beautiful on you!

How is your vacation shopping going? Christmas is already here!


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