Saturday, November 12, 2016

Swatches & Review ::: The Estee Edit Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palettes "Holiday 2016"

I was so sure that I am NOT going to spend much during this VIB Sale!  I thought I was in serious money-saving mode! But, oh well!

Makeup wise I just bought a small eyeliner set from Tarte and the Estée Edit “The Estée Edit Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palettes”. I am talking about the palettes today. These two come in a set and its of excellent value :-) It is a limited-edition Sephora Exclusive set.

Product and Price: Don’t make a mistake like everybody, there is actually two palettes for a price of $58. With the VIB Rogue 20% off, it cost me around $47 plus tax. Tone of the palette is an Eyeshadow palette with 6 eyeshadow shades and the other palette is marketed as a face and eye highlighter palette- this also has 6 shades, and I am pretty sure I am going to end up using these as eyeshadows! Altogether, there is 1.62 oz. of products between both palettes! I think cost wise it’s a really good deal. I also use Ebates, which always saves me a few bucks! (you can open an account and save some cash – my reference link is here

You can buy this palette from here!

Packaging: Estée Edit is a younger and edgier version of Estée Lauder! The edgier approach definitely shows in the packaging of the product. It is beautiful! But before I even begin to talk about the palette packaging, I have to admit that I cannot help but admire how carefully these palettes were packaged when it arrived my home. It came nicely packed in a big bubbled envelope, inside that there was another padded envelope. There were no chance that it would break; top-notch care! The palettes are made of cardboard, but seems well-built. The eyeshadow palette is of black glitter and the face palette is in silver/white glitter. Looking at the online pictures, I thought these were going to be glittery mess, but nope! They are paper that appears as glitters. Both these palettes come with good mirrors. Another cool thing is that the palettes are magnetic so they can be snapped together. I am very happy with the packaging of the product. 

Pigmentation & Wear-Time: Crazy pigmentation! I know, these shades are not out-of-the world unique, the pigmentation is what got my attention! The highlighters are light and fluffy! They are unlike the overly-pigmented highlighters! It goes soft and you can build it up! I have worn it on my bare skin and it stayed very nicely throughout the day. Same with the eye shadows! The lighter shades of eye shadows took a little bit effort to build up and blend, but they did wore for the whole day! I have worn the green shade on my lower lash line and I like how it stayed on. The glitter did not have a lot of fall-out as well! I have not had a chance to test out all the shades, but I will update as soon as I can! By the way, the powders seems very delicate, so I am not sure if I will travel with it.

Shades: Like I said, the shades are not very, very unique. You will probably find similar shades in multiple brands. But I do have to admit that these are some very well-put-together shades! They are shades that will be flattering for all skin tones!

Glow Face + Eye Palette
Snowlit: This is a of white shade with a rose gold sheen, I know it will be more flattering for paler skin tones, but I can definitely use it as inner highlighter for the eyes.
14K Gold: Definitely the most flattering cheek highlighter on my skin tone. Soft, buttery, very buildable and smooth! Its a very elegant gold shade!
1st Light: This was a surprise! I was wanting to try a pink highlighter shade, which is not a shade that can work well with my warm undertone. However, this has a lot of gold shift to it, so it is actually quite wearable.
Gleam: I have not had a chance to wear it yet, but I can see deep skin beauties rocking this shade. Very beautiful shade but it appears much more pinker on the pan than it is in reality.
Ray: Very warm light bronzey shade. I can not really wear it as highlighter but As eye shadows it will be beautiful. Also, I have tried it a topper with my matte bronzer and it works beautiful.
Beachy: Beachy is just a tiny bit deeper than Ray. I love me a warm bronzer shade with a bit of sheen. This is just that! I love it.

Gritty Eye Palette
Swerve: It is a simple gold shade; I can see a strong underlying hint of yellow. Typically gold shades like this flatters skin tones like mine! Now that I see more in depth, Swerve looks ad feels exactly like Ray! That was a bummer; I don't see any logic into putting two exact shades in palettes that are in a set.
Riff: It looks like a very very soft dusty pink shade however on the swatch it looks much less pink! Soft, but it needs a bit of effort to build up. I am not typically a big fan of shades like this and don't see myself using this color very often! But I appreciate that they included a lighter shade for pale/light skin tones!
Burn: I love this shade, a very sultry warm coffee! This is a shade that can be worn for every day look or with a weekend girl-about-town outfit. All these four shades at the bottom has some very soft and tiny multi color glitters! :-)
Green: Another fav shade! A very deep emerald! I love wearing this type of shades, especially on the lower lash line. Apart from Riff, other 5 shades feels soft, and easy to work with!
Trip: If you don't know, my obsession with blue shadows is very real. This was the shade that attracted me to this palette. When swatching it on my hand, i did not get excited as i thought i would be. But you can see on the photos here, the look turned out beautiful. I kind of layered it over Mood and Swerve; I love the complexity it brings to the look! At first look, it appears to be a deep teal color on a black base but i can see a bit of green and purple in there too! I love me some blue eye shadows! :-)
Mood: A black shade with with some silver/gold glitter. The pigmentation is just a bit weak. I think it is a good choice for the palette as it goes will with the deeper jewel tone shades! But I would not use it that often!

Wearing Burn and Mood on the outer corner, Trip on mid to inner corner, Swerve on the very inner lid, Riff on the inner corner. On the lower lash line, I have Wavy and Trip along with Mood. 

Wearing 14K Gold as the main highlighter with 1st Light at the very top!

I kept an open mind and was wondering if I really want to keep it while swatching. But now that I have worn it for the last week, i am definitely keeping it. Especially that blue shade is something special! Overall, with the VIB Sale saving, this is definitely a good value set to buy.
What have been picking up from the sale? Comment below, I want to know :-)

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