Monday, November 21, 2016

Play! by Sephora ::: November 2016!!!

Alright, time for the November “Play! By Sephora” Bag! I typically get these boxes around 18-20th of the month. This is the only subscription box that I have but I have been expressing my interest in cancelling the subscription for last few months. This month’s bag also was unable to provide me much joy!

I have already tried a few of the products and here are my thoughts!

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment (0.3 oz.): I have gone through this in the same size a few months ago. I have tried a few different Glamglow masks and honestly nothing has impressed me. I like using this one and I felt that sometimes it does help clearing up some of my acnes but the performance was also not consistent. In short, it was nothing magical.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer (0.16 oz.): Aah! Another primer. Trust me, there is not a whole lot of product here. That irritates me. But anyway, I love a lot of COVER FX product. This one, I am still deciding. I applied this on the right side of my face and ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer on my left face and honestly I did not see any difference on illumination level.

The Estee Edit by ESTEE LAUDER Dissolve the Drama (0.5 oz.): This is a makeup remover oil! I got this exact size as GWP a few months back but I did not try it then. I used it last Saturday to remove a full-face of makeup and it actually worked pretty decently. It removed majority of the makeup and I was careful about not letting it go in my eyes. However, it is not a product I look forward to receiving in my subscription bag. 

Sephora Collection Ultra Shiner Lip Gel in “Pin Up Pink” (0.1 oz.): I have not opened it yet; it is very nicely sealed and I want to keep it that way for emergency gifting purchase :-) I also don’t feel any kind of interest in these lighter fluorescent pinks!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in “Rose Gold”: I already have this in two different shades in full-size and I love them! They work great; glides on the eyes super easily, easy to blend. You get about a minute to blend it and then it sets and will not budge throughout the day. This is a pretty rose gold shade in mate finish. On my skin tone it shows up much lighter than how I expected, so I need to be mindful when I wear it. Nonetheless, I love it! This is probably the best thing in the bag, at least for me!

Stella McCartney POP: I typically don’t like woody fragrances but this is I am growing fond off. It is a bit florally and maybe that’s why I like it :-)

This month they had quite a few different variations of these bag. I would have liked the Caudalie moisturizer but oh, well! Also, this month’s theme was glow getters! Like a lot of people, I automatically assumed it is going to include some type of highlighters. But, anyway. Not impressed :-)

Did you subscribe to Sephora? Share your thoughts!

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