Saturday, November 26, 2016

Influenster E.L.F. VoxBox

Another VoxBox I got from Influenster free of cost for try and review products! I have said again and again, if you a beauty explorer like me go, join Influenster

Here are the products I got -

Hydrating Bubble Mask: Great packaging! Because of the type of sealed lid it will not get contaminated easily and it is easy to keep it clean as well. Product wise it was just OK! During the application, I found it to be just a bit tacky. It did not bubble up that crazy. I did not find much hydration from it. It was just OK! I will stick to my Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Mask and Cucumber Gel Mask along with Rose Face Mask from Fresh Beauty.

Mineral Infused Face Primer: Again, I absolutely adore the packaging. You don't generally get an air pump when the product just cost 6$. It is a typical silicon type consistency. Very easy to use and apply and it give me a nice canvass for my foundation. I used it only once and i found it to be very typical as a primer. I have a lot of primers to get through so most likely I am going to give it to a friend.

Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac: I recently started to use their original lip exfoliator. It works nice but it is kind of gritty, a little bit harsh. This mint one however is very smooth as an exfoliator. However, I am still debating how effective it is as an exfoliator. But I will keep using it.

Matte Lip Color in Wine: This is a popular product from ELF. It is great fall and winter color. It is described as matte but it has a little bit of creaminess. I don't really mind that. it however is not extra long lasting. I do like wearing it & I will be keep using it.

Baked Highlighter and Bronzer: I don't care about the bronzer but I do like the highlighter. It is quite a strong highlighter. If you like subtle glow this is not for you because it can easily get out of hands! but if you do enjoy a strong highlighter than go for it. The bronzer powder feels a bit stiff and it is hard to pick up! Anyway, it is not a shade that will show up on my skin! 

Thank you, Influenster!

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