Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Glow from within ::: RMS Beauty "Living Luminizer" Swatches and Review

I have been eyeing this luminizer since my early days in Beautylish App as a member. The breathtaking, clean pictures and the organic, clean agenda behind the brand has been the major reasons for my interest in this product. I finally got my hands on it via Beautylish Lucky Bag 2016 (reviewed here) and I have not stop wearing it ever since.

RMSBeauty is the namesake beauty brand by internationally acclaimed makeup artist and green beauty advocate Rose Mary Swift. I was reading up on her philosophy and she has quite a stern policy against heavy makeup and commercialized product. Living Luminizer is one of the bestselling and most popular products from RMS Beauty. It even won Elle 2009 "Best Make-up Product"! It is made with at least 4 certified organic ingredients one of which is ever-so-popular coconut oil!

Price: A regular size jar will cost you $38 for 0.17 oz. of product. It is quite a significant price for a highlighter. But because you need such a little amount per use, this will last you a long time. Also, because I got this in Lucky Bag, it cost me less than $38 and I really think that I got my money’s worth!

Packaging: As I have said before, I really like the packaging. It is a sleek glass container with a white lid; per their website RMS Beauty cream color cosmetics come with aluminum recycle lid, but I am not sure about the lid in this container. Anyway, I love the packaging! I know not everybody favors a jar, but I anyway use my fingers to apply this, so I don’t mind the pot packaging.

Availability: This is a permanent products in RMS Beauty line and are available on, RMS Beauty website, dermstore, birchbox etc. 

Pigmentation & Wear-Time: As you can see these are cream products and I absolutely love how creamy and silky they are! They feel luxurious to the touch and there is no greasiness at all. Creator Rose Mary Swift anyway suggest using fingers with her products. The natural ingeridents in her products are supposed to warm up with the touch of your fingers and upon application it is supposed to melt into the skin to give that glowy look while letting your natural skin shine thorugh. Like I said just now, my experience has confirmed this to be true. I apply it with my fingertips and its quite easy to blend as well. It immediately melts into the skin and gives me such a beautiful, natural, glowy-healthy look and yet, if I want that “va-va-voom” highlighter look, I can definitely build it up to get just that.

Given the organic nature of the product, I did not think it would last as long as it does. Every work day I wear my makeup around 7 am and its often 7 pm when I reach home. I can still see this glow hanging on. I am quite impressed with the wear time of it. I also enjoy how easy it is to apply these over any kind of base; I have applied it over bare skin, liquid and powder foundation and it performs exactly perfect over all these vases.

Shade: RMS beauty describes this as “An ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish”. It is a quite frightening white shade when you look in the pan. But don’t be scared. It’s one of best highlighter shade I have tried till date. It’s very sheer which is an excellent aspect for this kind of formula, is very uniform in consistency and offers the most dewy, glorious sheen to the cheekbones! I absolutely love it. This is what I typically use it during the week, I don’t wear foundation to work every day, and this is the most realistic looking highlighter to wear to work. I know this will be gorgeous on fair skin as well as deep skin tones. The gorgeous sheer formula is what makes it absolutely flattering for all skin tone!

I am very pleased with this product. I even applied this on my mom and sister and it worked great as well. I am almost sure this will make its entry to my Favorites for this year, along with their Buriti Bronzer! I have been quite enjoying that bronzer as well. They have come out with a new shade called “Magic Luminizer” which is described as “moon-lit champagne opalescence”. I am so anxious about checking that out but I don’t really need another highlighter, do I? :-)

Have you tried Living Luminizer? Do you have it? How do you like it?

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