Sunday, November 6, 2016

Swatches & Review : Laura Mercier "Fall In Love Face Illuminator Collection" ||| Holiday 2016

Never ENOUGH Glow!!! – I strongly believe in the power of highlighters; I probably have enough of them to last me at least 2 lifetimes, but I still want more and more :-)

Today I am talking about Laura Mercier "Fall In Love Face Illuminator Collection" that was previewed on Sephora last month. Among all the highlighter palettes, I choose this. For some reason, none of the palettes screamed to me. Urban Decay “Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Trio” was too chunky, Stila “Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette” packaging is too bulky. I saw this Laura Mercier palette and when swatched on the store I saw some very fine glitters. This is not a good sign, typically! I checked that there are only 4 shades in this line on and this little palette has all 4 of them. This is what attracted me the most about this palette. I immediately thought this will be a great product to review. So, here I am!

As I have said before, I bought this with some doubts. I was almost sure the glitter is going to look chunky. But, thank God that’s not the case!

Price: Yes, it is a palette so technically it is meant for giving you more value at a lower cost. However, it is not that great of a deal. A full-size of this will cost you $44 for 0.35 oz. of products. This palette has 4 highlighters each with 0.11 oz.  of products for a total price of $58. Basically, you are saving only a few bucks. But having said that I have to emphasize that this is still of good value. I am confident that I will never use up any of the full-size highlighters in my collection, so personally for me it makes much more sense in investing in this palette and try out all 4 shades. Also, 0.11 Oz. of product is a lot for highlighters. 

Packaging: This comes in brilliant packaging, just like all of the other products from Laura Mercier. The palette is made of sturdy plastic case with a very good mirror. I also love that the mirror, that is the lid can stand its own :-) The case on the outside has leopard print, I don’t generally like animal print but this is very minimalistic and elegant and I really like it. Also, how beautiful is the embossing on the highlighter powders itself? I give 5 out of 5 for packaging!

Here are the shades:
Addiction (gilded gold highlight): Definitely one of the favorite because it flatters me the most! It’s nothing unique as gold shade is pretty common to find but nonetheless like it very much!

Devotion (cool highlight): This a quite a pale pink highlighter, I was actually wanted to try this shade but was afraid to get one in full size because I am not sure if would flatter my skin tone. However, I am happy that I can make it work :-) I just have to go for a light, feminine look when I am wearing this shade.

Seduction (soft bronze highlight): This is the darkest shade that I think will be excellent highlighter for deep skin-tones! I cannot really wear it as a highlighter however, I have used it over my matte bronzer in very light layer to bring a subtle lively glow to my look! :-)

Indiscretion (warm rose gold highlight): To me this shade feels like a perfect mixture of the Addiction and Devotion – a rose gold highlighter :-) I love this as well!

Formula and wear-time: The powder is very soft and I did not have any problem in picking up the product because of the emboss design. A lot of people were complaining about that. I use a relatively fluffy fan brush from Bare Minerals or the Setting brush from Real Techniques.

About those glitters that I was talking about initially – Yes, I can see the glitters on swatches on my hand or even after applying on the cheeks. They are the minuscule size glitters and the “glitter” is not that bright and glimmer-y. This works best because it does not make the highlighter look very obnoxious. I find the wear t-time to be decently good. The glitter disappears after 4-5 hours but after that it meshes seamlessly with the skin and I think I enjoy that look more! Yesterday, I applied it I rather careless manner and took an afternoon nap that involved a lot of tossing and turning and went out for dinner after that. I was surprised to see the highlighter still hanging on!

I am really liking this palette. When I initially bought it, I was open to the idea of returning it if I don’t enjoy it but I am keeping it. It is a bit pricey but considering the ongoing VIB Sale you get 20% off, this might be a product worth looking into if you are in search of a versatile good highlighter palette. You can buy this here.


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