Saturday, December 6, 2014

Neutrogena Body Oil : The Perfect Body Moisturizer for winter!!!

Come winter and all hell breaks loose for my skin! In general, I have very dry skin and during winter it gets specially dry, parched and flaky! I really need extra help as compared to my regular moisturizer. I discovered this product soon after I came here to USA and I have been religiously using it for last 3 years! In short it is one of my HOLY GRAIL skincare products.

It's a very light-weight moisturizing oil, it is yellow in appearance. I have used both the regular and light version. I find the scent very mild, even in the regular oil! Its very mild scent, I personally don't mind it. There is a fragrance free version too. The oil absorbs quickly, non-greasy and keeps my skin hydrated a few solid hours. I love to use it right when I am out of the shower. And sometimes I do use it for overnight moisturization. 

There are two sizes; 16 fl oz. for $15.99 and 8.5 fl oz. for $7.99. The price however varies with the store. It is available in Ulta, Target, Walgreens, Walmart etc. It surely is a well-valued product. I love the packaging, its simple and sturdy. However, while travelling you really need to seal it very very tight, otherwise it spills everywhere. 

I love LOVE product. I have gone through many many tubes of this and I am sure I will be needing many more of this.What moisturizer do you use for winter? I am always interested in suggestions :-)

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