Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR : Lets welcome 2015 with some glitters :-)

Sooo!! What are you doing this afternoon when we bid adieu to 2014? I, for one, was never the one who parties a lot! Mostly because I am a little shy to venture out with new people and also my job has always left me at some weird locations with VERY few friends! I basically have had a very few rare glam-sham New Year Eve parties!! This year also it is no exception; I have absolutely no plans :-) I just came back from a wonderful trip to my friend's place in the rainy city of Seattle. It is a beautiful city, more so, if you happen to be there during sunny days. Hence I am not really complaining about staying indoors in the dead cold winter of Chicago :-)

Back in the days, I used to reminisce over my actions for the entire year during the last week of December and jot down my feelings! Indian winter would be at its peak, the exams would be over and my mom will engage me and my sister in some craft or embroidery projects! December will be a relaxing month after a whole year of tough studies :-) Most of the years, my father was posted outside Guwahati, our hometown. And every 31st December evening, we would eagerly wait for our father to come home. Because it is winter, we used to cook on the outdoor verandah in firewood. There would be my mother's original chicken curry on firewood with a few other vegetable items. Then there would be some interesting Bollywood programs aired on TV, filled with hot shot Bollywood actors :-) When we were younger, I and my sister would be desperate to watch this program; now it feels so gimmicky :-) I and my sister would switch between watching the TV in the living room and helping my parents with the cooking outside! Apart from one or two occasional guests, most of these New Year Eve nights were closed cozy family event. I remember back in 2000 or 2001 at midnight my father announced about purchasing our first family car! It was a sweet surprise for all of us. I don't really remember how long it has been since I spent New Year's Eve with my family! I miss the coziness dearly and I really hope to spend some of the future 31st nights with my family. 

Anyhow, just because I don’t have any plans does not mean I cannot bury myself in some glitters. I decided to pull out the glitters and pigments that screams “New year Eve” and have some fun :-) When I started blogging more sincerely earlier this year, I never thought that I will post any makeup looks. But New Year calls for some change; right? So here it goes!

Prerequisite: I have dry skin so I need to heavily moisturize my skin before I put any makeup.

EYES: I always do eyes first; just so you know :-)
  • I applied MAC Paint Pot (“Layin' Low”) all over my eyelid
  • Then I used a light violet matte shade (“Violet” in IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette) as crease transition color with a small-short crease eye brush.
  • Using the same brush I applied a deeper violet color (“Iconic” from IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty) on the same position in the crease! This creates depth and makes the eyeshadow more transitional and smooth. 
  • I applied some flesh tone shade (=a shade which is similar to your skin tone) above the violet color. Blend, blend and blend! This makes sure that there are no harsh lines and the shades transition from dark violet to lighter shade. 
  • I applied a dark shimmery purple (“Dark Purple” in Lorac Pro) all over the eye lid. This is my base for the glitters.
  • Smoothen out the line between the shimmery purple and crease transition colors. The goal is to remove any distinction between different eyeshadow colors.
  • Use MAC Fix+ to create the glitter coat. This gives the glitters a more "foiled-d" look :-) I used two gorgeous pigments from Makeup Geek; “Utopia” and “Bewitched”.
  • I then applied a coat of glitter glue (from Elf Cosmetics) on the eyelid.
  • I used a flat shader brush to apply the glitter on the lid. For one last time smooth out the line where the glitter ends.
  • Then I drew a wing liner. I love a thick wing liner so it is an unavoidable step for me.
  • I rimmed my water line with a black kohl liner (I used Tarte skinny Amazonian Clay waterproof eyeliner)
  • I used a small tiny shader line with dark purple that I used with my lid. I also like to smoothen out some more with the “Violet” shade. I LOVE to smoke out my lower lash line whenever I wear dark smokey eye looks.
  • As a final step, I applied a generous coat of mascara ("They are Real" from Benefit Cosmetics). As I don't use false eyelashes, this is a VERY important step for me.
  • Also apply a very thin layer of mascara on the lower lash line!
  • Eyes are done!! Finally :-)

  • I applied a thin layer of primer (I used "Palladio Herbal Primer"; good stuff!) on my face. It’s important to wait for at least 5 minutes before you apply the foundation. I generally use this time in some other "getting-ready" steps :-)
  • I used a very thin layer of concealer ("24 hr. stay concealer" from Maybelline) on the under eye area and on any blemishes. I try to use as less as I can because I don’t really love FULL coverage look. :-)
  • I also applied a bit of bronzer on the cheekbones (I used "Lorac TANtalizer", the matte brown bronze shade)
  • Then I applied a neutral blush shade on the apple of my cheeks; very lightly. I choose Becca Mineral Blush in “Songbird” so that it does not clash the glittery eye look.
  • I also used a fan brush to highlight ever-so-slightly (the highlighter shade from the same Lorac TANtalizer) the top of my cheekbones. 
LIPS: Because eyes are so glamorous, I did not put much effort on the lips :-)
  • I used BareMinerals lipstick in "Speak Your Mind". I also used the NYX Lip liner in "Mauve" just to smooth out the edge of the lip lines.

I hope everybody is having a wonderful New Year's Eve. My heartiest wishes for all of you out there for a promising and happy 2015!! :-) Also, did you like the look? Please share :-)
HAPPY NEW YEAR folks :-)

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