Sunday, January 11, 2015

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Limited-Edition The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection: Review and Swatches

I and my sister were brought up in a household with decent finances! My parents came from much rougher financial background and have worked tremendously hard to be where they are, and to offer the best to us. They provided us every amenities NEEDed to live a happy healthy life.  At the same time, they were also very STRICT about instilling in us the value of hard earned money. When looking back several years, I feel very proud of the fact that I and my sister NEVER asked for outrageously costly demands when growing up.

I am still not sure why I wrote this introduction. I guess I am just trying to say that just a few months ago, even as a beauty blogger, I did not feel comfortable about a few luxury brands with which I consider “outrageous price tags”. I do love Tarte, bare minerals, Lorac etc. which are also considered High-End but personally I feel easy with the price. But NARS, Marc Jacobs were some of the few brands for which I thought I can never look beyond the price range. But recently, I have been testing a few sample products from Marc Jacobs here and there and I must admit, I have started to care for the products shedding my initial inhibition about the price. I am also a BIG fan of Instagram; beautiful pictures of new products popping everywhere also made me curious about the brand.

Today I am going to talk about the "MARC JACOBS BEAUTY The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection". It is a Limited-edition set currently available in Sephora at a price of $45. It once went out of stock but they have restocked it since then. It is available right now, but it is a Limited Edition product. Each eyeliner is of 0.01 oz. (0.37g which is actually 0.013 oz.) which is about 3/4th of the regular size. So per highliner it is costing you $6.5. The regular liner costs you $25 for 0.5g of product.

The packaging of these liners is stunning. They are housed in very sleek, silver metallic pens with a small part at the bottom in a color of the eyeliner shade. This is very convenient as you pick up the exact shade you want from your storage without having to open the cap. They are automatic pencil; I hate sharpening my makeup pencils :-) The set comes in a beautiful plastic container with typical minimalistic Marc Jacobs packaging. Even though it is plastic, it is not flimsy; but personally I would have liked a stronger/sturdier material for the container; after all it IS a luxury brand. The silver material on the pen is sometimes a little slippery and hence I had to train myself to use control in applying them, especially when I am drawing a wing liner. Unfortunately, when I was writing this post, the brown liner completely came out of the packaging! That was highly disappointing from a brand like Marc Jacobs. I, however, greatly appreciate Sephora's client services. They quickly replaced the set. Other than that, I just LOVE these liners in my vanity. They look very elegant, very luxurious :-) 

Let’s discuss the colors; six different jewel-toned shades with a very essential black. With these beautiful colors, I truly believe it makes a very comprehensive set. I also love that the colors are pigmented and sophisticated, graceful; not “in-your-face-crazy-vibrant”. Especially useful colors for matured skin, or for everyday wear or for wearing in professional environment. Every shade performs quite well. With primer, I have had an impressive wear time of 8-9 hrs.

O(vert): Very dark blackish forest green. Applies very easily.
Brown(out): Beautiful brown color with some shimmer. In my opinion, everyone should have brown eyeliner. And I am happy that this color shows up nicely on my tan olive eyelid.
Sunset (Exclusive to this set): Another awesome color. Very gorgeous mid-tone warm shimmery gold. Unfortunately it is almost similar to my skin color and hence does not show up very distinctly on my skin tone. Nevertheless it is a gorgeous color!
Th(ink): This is an interesting shade. A mix of blue and black. It is a tad bit less pigmented than the rest. But is still gorgeous.
Midnight in Paris (Exclusive to this set): This may be my most favorite shade among the set. It is a stunning deep navy shade with some glitter flexes. Very pigments and will flatter every skin tone. If you have never tried any shade other than black for your eyeliner, Navy is a beautiful and easy alternative.
Plum(age): This is another light shade in the bunch; personally I would have loved a deeper purple. It is a light purple and because of that this looks a bit less pigmented than the rest.
Blacquer: Very dark, pigmented and creamy black. It takes a few seconds or a minute to dry up. Sometimes if I am not careful and open my eyelid sooner, the liner transfers to the upper part of my lid and it does not look good. So if I am in a hurry, it may be a hassle. But other than that, I do love its performance.

It is surely a pricey product, and I do think that there are eyeliners with lesser price in the market that performs almost similarly. But to put it concisely, with 7 long-wear creamy pigmented jewel-toned eyeliners with pretty packaging, this set makes a good buy. I personally have been satisfied with it.

If you are already a Marc Jacobs fan, you will definitely love it. It’s also a good way to try different shades in a less cost rather than buying full-size. Also if you shy away from bright colors but still would love some vibrancy to be added to your looks, I would highly recommend this set!!

What products do you have and love from Marc Jacobs?


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