Friday, January 23, 2015

Loving it: Bliss high intensity 24-heaven healing body balm

Isn't that a very long name for a moisturizer? :-) Winter is rough on my skin and I am always itching to find and test different moisturizeing products that would help salvage the dry flaky "beautiful" skin of mine!! :-) This is the 3rd or 4th such product I am blogging about in last few months!

Bliss originally started as a spa in New York in 1996 and has been recognized as a leading spa and salon services since then. With the spa services they also offers/retails their products. Read more about bliss here.

This healing body balm is one of their bestsellers and makes some pretty bold claims. As found in Sephora, "This rich, therapeutic cream provides ‘everlasting’ relief to seriously dehydrated, damaged skin from head-to-toe, especially particularly parched, flaky and problematic parts. With exfoliating lactic acid and soothing, protective colloidal oatmeal, the super-saturating formula is clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours, breaking the cycle of dry skin to leave it smooth, healthy and gloriously soft all year long." In my experience, the product almost satisfies the claims.

The full size product is of 8 oz. with a price tag of $35.00. I know; pretty hefty for a body cream. I got this travel size tub of 53g/1.9 oz in the Sephora Favorite Skin Bender Vol. 1 kit and I can definitely say that it was good investment. This tub lasted me a little over a month!

The packaging is very nice. Simple, sturdy and decently pretty. And I look forward to reusing the tub; yes, I am frugal like that.. hi hi!

It is an extremely thick white body balm. The consistency is very thick and the texture is fluffy yet rich and creamy. So, it is not the most comfortable balm to "apply", personally I find that it is easier to rub a moisturizer into the skin if it is a little dilute. This balm also has a very subtle vanilla-y sweet scent which is nice. Despite its thickness, I was very impressed with the product. I traveled quite a lot in December and January to Seattle and Florida; and in both places this worked incredibly well. I would apply this all over my body early in the morning after shower and it will keep my skin moisturized till 'almost' the next day. Generally in winter, after 5-6 hours of applying any body moisturizer, if I scratch my hands it turns white streaky and I need reapplication. But not with this! Even though its thick, its not sticky and it absorbs pretty quickly. It works best when you apply it after shower into your slightly damp skin. I  was pretty happy with it :-)

But then I came to Chicago (which is my base location) and it could not give me 24 hour performance. At night, I would have to reapply another thin layer of this or my beloved Neutregena Body Oil before bed. That is why I am saying that it "almost" meets the claim :-) after all, Chicago is Chicago and I decided not be be very judgemental on this poor moisturizer.

Overall, I am satisfied. I do, however think that it is a pricy product so I am not really sure if I will repurchase this right at this moment. But if I can find a value set, I will surely get it. Or if my dry skin situation gets out of hand, I may buy it in regular size :-)

Bliss is available in Sephora, Ulta, Macy's etc and I believe you can buy it from their website as well.
What's your favorite moisturizer? I would love to hear :-)

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