Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CK One Color Mascara :: ULTA Free Birthday Gift 2014

I know I am dangerously late in reviewing this product considering my birthday falls in January! 

I discovered Ulta Beauty in last December and I have become a fan! There are definitely some issues like every other store, but I have loved it so far! Mainly for two reasons, 
a) you can find high-end and drugstore products at the same place which is very convenient., 
b) Their "cash-back" Rewards program! 
If you live in USA and have not yet started your obsession with "Ulta Beauty", you need to! Ha ha! But before that do enroll yourself in their free membership program. There are lots of perks that comes with it. One such reward perk is their birthday gift. This was my first year receiving it and I was so happy to learn that it was a Full-size product. :-) For 2014, they offered the CK One Mascara! CK stands for Calvin Klein; (duh... everybody knows that :-) !)

The product weighs 0.31 fl oz. and has a regular price of $18 (which I think is expensive!). It’s a regular black shade. The minimalistic black and white packaging is attractive, but I find it a bit bulky. The black rubbery type material also gets dirty with usage. It has a plastic brush which feels very stiff. One cool thing is that the brush can be adjusted into two positions by just twisting the lid. As listed in Ulta's website "Twist in cap to provide more mascara load for more volume. Twist out cap to define, lift and lengthen. Apply mascara from lash roots to tips. Removes easily with any eye makeup remove." 

The formula is not that bad though; not very dry or wet. I kept it unopened for few months and I loved that it did not really dry up :-) I am a simple natural-lashes kind of girl; this does that! It separates my lashes and gives a decent length to them. After I twist it up into the next position, I see a very very minor improvement which does not really impress me much. So far it has not flaked on me apart from that one time I took a nap during the day :-) The stiff plastic brushes are not very comfortable to use though, it almost hurts my lashes! Unfortunately! :-(

However the good impression on the first trial was totally overturned when I started to wash off my makeup. It took ages and ages to get rid of it, and it’s not even waterproof! I tried with Neutrogena Eye makeup remover which does a pretty good job in removing my other waterproof mascaras. I left scratching, scrubbing and rubbing my eyes but no matter how much I wash; I can still see flakes adhered to my lashes. I feel like I spend FOREVER in removing the mascara. I have tried with coconut and olive oil as well but same result. I really don't want to spend 15-20 minutes in removing eye makeup alone! I love the look the mascara gives me but because of the "removal" process I have stopped using it. Sadly!! :-(

I do not particularly love the mascara but I do HIGHLY appreciate Ulta Beauty for offering a full size product for their member’s birthday. I know it's December already, but if your birthday has not gone yet, go and pick it up, you might like it!!

You can register at Ulta rewards here :-) I can't wait to see what Ulta will offer as 2015 Birthday Gifts...Just a few more weeks to know. :-)

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