Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review and Swatches ::: Bobbi Brown Blush in "Sand Pink"

Sometime last year, I was desperately searching for an everyday blush-shade! At that time, I did not have an alarming amount of makeup like I do today :-) I only had NYX crème blush in Rose Petal which still is an absolute favorite product of mine, but I guess I was itching to branch out more and try some high-end products :-) 

During last year’s Beauty Insider sale a Sephora employee applied it on me and I loved the effect. Bobbi Brown is a very classic and elegant brand! They have a ton of awesome products but for some reason I find them a little “meh”! Must be my weird mind! The packaging does not have a spark to me personally and I was never inspired to use it. But for the past few months I have been constantly using to wear to work in rotation with some other blushes and I have been really ENJOYING it. It was actually one of my Beauty Favorites for 2015.

The regular price for this blush for 0.13 oz. of product is now $28 which was $26 when I bought it. The packaging is classic Bobbi Brown! Minimal with the clear lid which makes it easy to see the color. But there is no mirror which disappoints me. It’s a very practical container but if I am paying that much money for a blush, I want a mirror in the compact. You can shop it in NordstromSephora and Macy’s.

Sand Pink” is a dusty-mauve shade. Absolutely perfect on my tan skin; it’s not too obvious but still is very feminine subtle pinky mauvy shade. It is very nicely pigmented and you get the shade to show on your cheeks without needing to be extremely cautious about using a very light hand. It is a matte formula. When I swatch it with my fingers, the texture feels a bit dry and powdery, but when I use it on my face it is really easy and smooth to apply as well as to blend. I have dry skin and I don’t have any problem with the texture. It lasts from 7 am to around 3-3.30 pm which is pretty good. But once I reapply my sunscreen before I head home form office, it completely vanishes; that might be just because of the sunscreen though.

This was my first Bobbi Brown product and I have been loving it so far. It is really a no brainer blush for me to wear to work. But I would also say that even though the product is good and I am getting good use out of it, it does not excite me enough to go out and check other Bobbi Brown products. What are your favorite products from her line?

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you all are having an wonderful time :-)

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