Saturday, August 2, 2014

Home made simple and quick Momo Chutney!

Starting the month of August with a quick and easy chutney recipe. A while back I wrote a blog post on momos (steamed buns with or without filling, and originated in Nepal). If you have already read that post you know how much I love momos! And every time I try dumplings, wontons or momos in any restaurant or even the frozen variety available in grocery stores, I miss the "chutney" SO MUCH. I am referring to the chutney that is offered in restaurants back home in Assam :-) It is spicy, savory and has a certain kick to it. That's the best way I can describe it :-) Because Assamese food is not at all spicy in nature, I think this chutney takes the momo to a whole different level!

Ingredients: Dry Red Chilies, Tomato, Garlic, Ginger, Green Chili, Coriander leaves, Sugar

  • Cut the tomato into big chunks and boil it for around 10 minutes with the dry red chilies.
  • With one or two tomatoes I use 2-3 dry chilies and 4-5 green chilies. You can also use more red chilies, but I personally prefer fresh green ones over dry chilies. I feel they are relatively better for my health. :-)
  • Take the boiled tomato and chilies from the water; mix all ingredients and blend them together in a blender.
  • That's it :-) 
After I learned how to prepare momos at home, I googled "momo chutney" and altered the recipes to get the outcome I wanted. So there goes my disclaimer; I have not invented the recipe :-) I just changed a few ingredients from 2-3 recipes google provided and mixed into one :-)

I totally enjoyed my homemade momos with my homemade mouth-watering chutney! It's not the same YUMMY and mouth-watering that would make me nostalgic...but I am getting there :-)


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