Thursday, July 31, 2014

The perfect CORAL :: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hr Blush in "TIPSY"

Yup. Writing about another Tarte Product :-) I have been using this particular blush non-stop these days!! The sunny beautiful days of summer are here and “Tipsy” looks so bright and happy that I JUST have to wear it. In fact, there are days when I tweak my entire makeup look so that I can flaunt "Tipsy" :-) Yes, I am talking about the much-loved Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr. blushes.

Ever since I started to watch Marlena (A YouTube beauty vlogger, in case you are wondering) and Makeup Geek videos which encouraged me to do a little bit of research on that particular shade, I have been itching to try it. But I was also concerned about the price tag! When I finally gave in and decided to buy it, it seemed to be "out of stock" in every Ulta and Sephora store near me. In short, I have lusted over this for a long time before I finally ordered it online from The retail price for these blushes is $26 for 0.2 oz. (5.6 g) of product. I think I scored it at $20.8 during some sale (as you can tell, I hardly pass on any sales). This is a top-notch product and I will happily pay $26 for this!

The blush comes enclosed in a simple plastic packet which I think is good at times. I always have hard time throwing away the beautiful light-cardboard outer packaging that generally comes with beauty products. This one I can easily throw away without any guilt (yes, I am weird ;-)) Anyway, the actual container is very simple yet elegant and quite sturdy. The lid opens completely flat and has a nice big mirror. The best thing is that the color of the container completely matches the blush inside; uber convenient to pick up the exact color from your stash. In the older packaging, these blushes used to have nice adorable design embossed on the lid with a round circle raised on the circumference. I absolutely LOVED the overall design. Apparently they have a new look, hence now it’s only the word "Tarte", which is far less appealing to my eyes. I know “pretty” packaging is not something that defines a product, but if it is costing me 26 bucks, I want it to look pretty damn good on the outside too! :-) Apart from that, how charming is the intricate "river" design engraved in the blush itself? Isn’t it super adorable? The design will wear off with usage but let me appreciate it while it lasts :-) Also, I have read in many blog posts that it goes on much more smoother once the design wears off!

Well, packaging aside, can we just talk about the quality? It's a very pigmented blush; texture wise very smooth and extremely easy to apply as well as to blend. As the name suggests it's a VERY long wearing blush; I generally get 7-8 hrs. of wear. Also, recently, on one lucky day I had a total of 11 hrs. of wear without any horrible fading :-) :-) Tarte has two finishes for their Amazonian clay range of blushes; matte and shimmers. Tipsy is matte. However when I compared it with "Flush” (which is a complete matte, blogged here) I do see a very few micro mini speckles of shimmer when I observe the blush rather closely; don’t worry the shimmer does not transform at all to the cheeks! 

With "Flush (I have the older version)", the very LIGHTEST swipe on the pan is enough. However with "Tipsy", I do need at least two standard swipes to get the color show up on my cheeks. It looks very flattering if you have similar skin tone like mine or even deeper! If your skin tone is paler than mine, you will need to use a VERY light hand. But it will definitely suit almost every skin toneOh wait, I have not yet describe the shade in words yet :-) It's looks very orange and a bit scary on the pan, but it is actually a very nice bright orangey-coral color. I love how flattering it looks on my skin tone.

  • Very pigmented and easy-to-blend.
  • Extremely long-wearing.
  • Tarte has a huge array of shades for this particular range of blushes!
  • Adorable and very practical packaging.
  • Tarte is a cruelty free brand and their products are made mostly from naturally-driven ingredients. I also appreciate that the products don't contain parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic fragrance.
  • I can't think of one. However, I believe the pan is glued to the container. The pan on this blush started to move in the container. So I am a little concerned if it is weak or something. It's still intact though :-)

You can find Tarte blushes in SephoraUlta and at Tarte websiteTarte also offers their products in QVC from time to time. “Tipsy” is a wonderful shade, especially for medium olive-tan/Indian skin tone. And it’s just the perfect color for summer! I will surely use it throughout the year but I am pretty determined to make a big dent on my pan this summer :-) As you can tell, I am completely in love with these blushes and if I already don't have a dozen of blushes, I would try other shades!! :-) 

To be honest, I actually recently ordered one for my sister :-) (don't tell anybody ;-)Thank you again for stopping by; I sincerely hope it was helpful :-)

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