Saturday, July 5, 2014

Diving into Summer: My CORAL/ORANGE Lip Shades!

When I went to India last October for vacation, I spotted an extremely unconventional lipstick color in my sister's vanity. If you happen to read my very first beauty blog post, you may know that I was not THIS addicted to beauty and makeup few months back :-) Anyway that was an orange lipstick from Avon. I tried it and loved the effect so much that I wore it exclusively for the rest of my one-month vacation; I really did not care a lot if the orange color went well with my vivid and colorful Indian outfits :-)

So, basically my sweet little sister is responsible for giving me the "Orange Obsession". They say that spring-summer is all about orange lipstick; about being bold and sexy! I totally agree, but because I love the look I may wear orange (or coral for that matter) anytime I please :-) The colors that I own are not straight-up orange (like MAC Morange) as they tend to make my teeth appear more yellow. I found out that orange-hinted Corals suits me better than true oranges. Let's see what I have here!

Bite Luminous Crème Lipstick in "CIN CIN": This is my most loved one among the bunch. Actually this is one of my very favorite lipsticks in my dangerously growing collection of lip shades. Sephora describes the color as Tropical Coral. It’s a bright coral shade, sometimes it appears as a neon like-pinkish-orange on me depending on the lighting. I think it really compliments my skin tone. Bite is an all-natural brand and the lipstick is very moisturizing, highly pigmented and very long wearing! I simply adore it. I also love the sturdy minimalistic packaging; specially their unique choice of color for the tube :-) This costs $24 in Sephora for 0.15 oz. of product; definitely an expensive buy but worth every penny. I have a detailed blog post about it here, if you are interested :-)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "KISS ME CORAL": This was my very first orange/coral lipstick I bought for myself. I got it in Walmart in November, soon after being back from the vacation to India. (You know that addictive feeling, right?) And yes, I wore it last December when in Las Vegas for an epic trip with my friends. If you love it, don’t worry about seasonal trends... :-) Anyway, I must admit that this is one of the very easy-to-wear bright colors in my collection. The keyword is "easy-to-wear"! It’s nicely pigmented and gives me a decent wear of 2.5 to 4 hrs. before fading; and wears off nicely. This shade is more orange-y than "Cin Cin", but definitely has the coral feel. I use this shade for days when I want to wear orange but not willing to put extra effort/don’t have much time to spare in lining the lips or getting a super even application (which is the case for the Bite one). I just slap on 1-2 coats of this to get bold beautiful lips without any fuss. Plus you cannot beat the price! It has simple and effective packaging and I love how you can peep through the clear top of the cap to see the color. It’s a drugstore product, hence the price varies from store to store from $5 to $8. You can get it in Ulta or in Walmart, Target, Walgreens, QVC, Rite Aid etc.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in "TUTTI FRUTTI": If you are just staring out and unsure about how orange may look on you, this is just the perfect color to try. It’s comparatively affordable, easily available and acts as a nicely pigmented lip balm. It goes on sheer but definitely much more "orange-y" than the others in my collection; so you can test if orange suits you while also moisturizing your lips :-) I love the packaging as well. The tube is of the exact same color as the lip butter and I like how thin the actual tube is...very sleek if you ask me :-) I also found another use of this. Whenever I wear Bite Can Cin or the Revlon one and I have a long-outdoor-kinda day ahead of me, I put this in my purse for touch up. More than often I fear that my precious lipsticks will melt down in the heat; this acts as the perfect lip color, it moisturizes and perfectly touches up my lip color while my lovely shades sit safely at home. This costs around $6 to 9$ depending on the store. It’s available in drugstore as well as in Ulta. Nice thing about Revlon is that they have nice BOGO (Buy one Get one) sales and other offers quite often.

Essence Lipstick in "MISS PEACH": To be frank, I don’t care much about this one. I actually ordered it in Ulta just to reach 50$ free shipping mark :-) For the price, I have nothing to complain about. It’s a peachy coral sheer shade with some visible glitters. Frosted lipstick is not my favorite but I guess I did not notice it before ordering. I don't wear it often, but yeah, while going out for a quick grocery shopping or some running-errand trips, I wear it above my nude lipsticks. I feel it brightens up my entire look :-) I bought it at half the price, but it retails at 2.99$ in Ulta. The packaging looks a bit flimsy, but I guess its ok at that price point.

Honorable mention: I could not complete the post without mentioning Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (that is a mouthful! :-) ) I bought this in the shade "Rendezvous" for my sister. I did not open it before sending it to my sister in India, so my apologies for not being able to show swatches. My sister has the same skin tone as me, and she is really loving that. Oh they also came out with new matte balm in the color "audacious" which looks like a "TRUE" orange; if you are looking for one.

I generally use a simple automatic lipliner in the shade "Scarlet" from Ulta brand with these lip shades. The one in the picture is orangey-red (from Jordana) which also acts well if you want the color to pop more. While it's a scary color to wear, but if you find the perfect shade and type, I believe there is an Orange/Coral Lip color for every one :-) no matter what is your skin tone. Try orange; its fun!! 

Hope it was helpful.

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