Saturday, October 10, 2015

Holiday 2015: Bite Beauty "Best Beauty Rewind" set Review & Swatches!!!

Yay, holiday season is here :-) ! At least cosmetics industry likes to think so; it is flooded with holiday special limited-edition value kits since few weeks! I have been exercising great restraint in not buying every single tempting product, but there are few deals that I just cannot pass on! “Best Bite Rewind” is one such irresistible set for me!!

Each holiday season, among other items, Bite Beauty brings out 4 deluxe size lip products in a very adorable gift-ready tin box. I have been thoroughly using “Quince”, “Rhubarb” and “Cranberry” High Pigment Pencils from last year’s “Best Bite” set; I have a full review here. This year’s set is called “Best Bite Rewind”; it is exclusively available in Sephora. It is retailed at a price of $25 and comes with 4 deluxe size (0.031 oz. each) matte crème lip crayons out of which 3 are limited-edition shades. Considering that the full-size costs $24 for 0.05 oz., you are getting products worth more than 2 regular crayons and you get to try 4 different shades! It’s a great value for your money. Given that I use Bite lippies quite often in my every day routine, it is a great buy for me personally.

Packaging is adorable. I have not yet put last year’s tin-box to use, but I will someday :-) This year’s tin is a bit longer comparatively and much more appealing because it is in “red”-my favorite color. It has nice mirror inside so it makes a perfect little makeup storage box for your purse; for mini items of course :-). I can definitely see these boxes as decorative item around my house. The shades on the paper cover of the tin box are not true to the actual shades though, so don’t pay a lot of attention to that. The crayons are in typical grey rubberized Bite Beauty packaging, they tend to capture the oil-greasiness from your hands and can get a little dirty but I am ok with that. The only complaint I have is that the crayons are not color coordinated with the shades; not quite user-friendly when you are in a hurry.

I love their Luminous Crème Lipstick and High Pigment Pencil formulas. They are moisturizing, has strong staying power and very comfortable on the lips. As the name suggests, these matte crème lip crayons are matte but they still have a nice satin-y appearance to the finish. If you hate “matte” mattes, these are for you! Overall, these are VERY pigmented, applies very smoothly and I can get an even opaque application in just one swipe. You can also layer it without any patchiness. I have found that the wear time is different for light and darker shades. I will share more in the following paragraphs.

Cafe (Peachy-Brown Nude, Limited-edition): This is the lightest shade in the bunch and still it is not as pale as last year’s. It looks much better with a darker lip-liner but if I want I can wear it on its own too. I am not a “nude lipstick” kinda girl but I do like this one :-) It fades on me after 5-6 hrs. but it still stays even while fading.

Torte (Brown-toned Rose, Limited-edition): I don’t see any brown in it but yes, this is your everyday natural rose shade. Love it. Formula-wise all 4 of these perform the same. But staying power is similar as “Café”. Among the other shades I have from Bite Beauty, “Meritage” is almost similar but with more of a glossy finish.

Coulis (Raspberry Red, Limited-edition): Coulis is a very preppy vibrant red and I love my reds. It appears very neutral in tone to me. It is extremely comfortable on the lips. I wore it to office the other day; my first time wearing red to office :-); it was a busy day and I did not even have the time to apply lip-balm the whole day. I was pleasantly surprised to see it slightly faded, but very good and even pigmentation on the lips after almost 11 hrs. of wear. I am VERY impressed.

Aubergine (Eggplant, Permanent): If you have checked last few of my blogposts you may notice that I have been enjoying my recent exploration into few unfamiliar lip-color schemes such as purple and dark vampy shades! From the cover, “Aubergine” appears so much purple-y, but it has A LOT OF berry in it. I am typically scared of dark lips but this flatters my skin tone. I love it! It has stayed for 9-10 hrs. on me.

I absolutely love the color range in this set. They are versatile and will suit a wide array of skin tones. And when it comes to formula and performance, Bite Beauty has never disappointed me. I have lot of lippies from them than I can ever finish but I cannot seem to stop buying them :-) If you are just starting out, this is a great set to test out. It also makes a perfect little gift! These sets do sell out pretty quickly so if you want to get them you should hurry :-) I highly recommend it!!

Hope this helps you. I have a few holiday-related posts planned for the coming weeks; stay tuned.

Lots of Love,
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